Codes - Updated on August 4, 2022

Farm Story is a classic farm for those who like to dig, plant and reap the fruits of their labors. Enjoy the measured rural life right in your phone.

List of CodesExpiration date
A3YXLD9J56QAugust 14, 2022
1DMV2PNFSXSeptember 27, 2022
K362Z1QFVAugust 16, 2022
4N87P06OGX5August 29, 2022
E90GTXM35P1JAugust 28, 2022
EYFXZJWNP5DAugust 23, 2022

Build yourself a nice house away from the hustle and bustle, pave the paths with tiles, arrange flowerpots with flowers and hang lanterns on poles. Create yourself a cozy nest where you can rest your soul.

Plan the arrangement of the beds to your liking, plant beautiful plants on them, collect a generous harvest from them. Plant fruit trees that will bloom and bear fruit, pleasing to the eye and wallet. Buy and grow funny animals, put them in a special paddock, take care of them and get a profit. Plant the most beautiful flowers in your area. Sell ​​the collected goods and earn money to improve the territory, new interesting seedlings and animals. The game is updated weekly, adding more and more new types of plants, decor and improvements to the store, most of which can be bought for game currency.

Take screenshots of your farm and share them with your friends on Facebook. Visit the farms of friends and neighbors to see how they are settling in, help them, or get ideas for your own farm.

Cute drawing, relaxing gameplay, a wide variety of plants – what else does a modern mobile farmer need.

Download ( V1.9.6.4 )
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