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For the sake of love, people are ready for a lot. So Felix is ​​no exception – he got a job as a reaper in the Ministry of Death. The object of his adoration works in the Ministry of Life, but the main character is sure that his line of work will allow him to see the woman of his dreams in the mortal realm. In fact, this is the only reason why he agreed to become a reaper at all – after all, he is not at all suitable for this role either by external signs or by the state of his soul. But work is work – since I have taken on such a task, I will have to visit different locations to make sure that everything goes according to plan and every mortal will die at the right time.

Step by step

All levels in Felix The Reaper challenge the player to place an object in a specified location. Throw a piece of wood into a fire, take a dog out onto the road so that a passing car is forced to turn the other way, and so on. The tasks are complicated by the fact that Felix can only remain in the shade – as soon as the sun’s rays fall on him, he squints and cancels the last action until it becomes dark again. But the character is able to change the direction of the sun with one click, and this gives him new options that cannot be used without such switching.

The maps are full of all kinds of trees, rocks, cars and all sorts of junk that casts a shadow, but every time it’s not enough. You need to take some items and move them to other places, and in some cases even put them on top of each other. The shadow from the box will cover a relatively large area, and if you place a barrel on it, even more so. This is, in general, the only key mechanic that will be encountered as you progress through each level. Later, other elements will appear – pipes that carry the hero from one side of the map to the other, and all sorts of buttons that move carts – but in the end the essence always remains the same.

One could accuse Felix The Reaper of eerie monotony, as I did not so long ago in a review of The Sojourn, but the adventures of the reaper turned out to be much more exciting than that beautiful but empty puzzle. There are no dull philosophical discussions here, the plot does not try to be too mysterious, and the passage does not drag on for a long time. And in general, the main mechanics in this game seemed to me much more interesting than the transitions between the normal and dark worlds. There are not so many rules here: the sun only switches in two directions, and you can’t even throw objects – just put them on the next cell.

Felix The Reaper game review

Such inscriptions mean that you are moving in the right direction.

The chosen style is also pleasing to the eye. Locations are easy to “read”, it is always clear where you can step on, and on which cell there are cracks that do not allow you to go there. The hilarious cutscenes at the beginning and end of each episode are still funny, even if the victims are brutally killed. It’s a pity that the developers chose only two eras, breaking them into five chapters – we will only visit medieval Europe and New York in the 80s. If the scenery changed a little more often, it would be more difficult to blame the game for monotony. And so it all depends on how soon you get bored of doing about the same thing.

Thankless job

At the same time, Felix The Reaper wins due to the fact that the puzzles in it are very, very difficult. Already in the first chapter, you will encounter problems that become more and more, and this is largely due to the fact that the solution here is almost always the same. You are required to find the combination of actions, thanks to which you will be able to reach the finish line, and it is unlikely that you will be able to complete the level in any other way. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this, especially considering the encouraging messages that appear every time you did everything right and put the barrel in the right place, and not on the next cell. Yes, and in the menu there are always tips that directly hint at the necessary actions.

But if you run a complicated version of some level (and everyone has them), then you will have to rack your brains much more actively. Here you can’t see the main goal, you can’t use any hints, and three tokens are scattered throughout the location, which, as it seems at first, is impossible to reach. At the same time, the mechanics remain exactly the same as in regular levels, so if you like switching sunlight and dragging objects, then there will be enough entertainment here for a long time. On one of the levels, for example, I sat all evening – although in the end I didn’t earn anything for it in the game itself, I still managed to enjoy the solved puzzle.

Felix The Reaper game review

All cards are flying islands divided into cells.

Slightly less interesting bonus tasks for a while, and the point is not in these levels themselves, but in the conditions for unlocking them. To gain access to them, you need to not only complete the normal version of an episode, but also complete the task as efficiently as possible. At the end of the level, they show a table with the number of sunrises (switching the direction of the sun), the moments when the light fell on the main character, as well as the actions taken, the cells passed and the time spent. If, for example, you took ten steps, and you needed no more than nine, then you won’t get a red skull – namely, it is used for a bonus challenge. As a result, it is necessary to go through the chapters almost perfectly, memorizing the course of actions, and this can hardly be called an exciting process.

However, this is not scary, and without bonus episodes there are quite interesting puzzles. It’s a pity that they don’t use Felix’s main ability in any way – he is an amazing dancer who can’t stop for a second. Either he spins on one leg, then he dances breakdance, then he does somersaults, and you can’t stop laughing at his walk – he’s so charming. Felix, of course, is not as graceful as the ballerina girl from Bound, but he is ready to demonstrate cabriolet, glide path and fouette at any opportunity. And when excellent compositions sound in the background that allow you to quickly switch to the menu, its pirouettes look even more beautiful – it’s not for nothing that the developers invited professional dancers for this.

How good is he!


Felix The Reaper can be called one of the best puzzle games of this year, although it has not been without flaws. It is not easy, but in the main story campaign they give enough clues to pass it painlessly. And the fun begins at the bonus levels, where you can get stuck for a long time, solving difficult multi-stage puzzles using familiar mechanics. Monotony can be tiring at some point, especially because of the locations that do not differ much in appearance (barrels, boxes and all sorts of carts remain the same regardless of the era), but if you liked the idea of ​​​​the game, and Felix charmed you with his good nature and spontaneity, then Felix The Reaper is unlikely to disappoint you.

Pros: great visual style; a funny protagonist who knows a lot of dance moves; interesting mechanics with switching the direction of the sun and falling shadows; challenging puzzles that are fun to solve.

Cons: monotonous gameplay can tire at some point; few unique eras are used in the plot; perfect to pass the levels for bonuses – not too exciting.

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