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For some reason, we have a particularly reverent attitude towards small funny robots. Think WALL-E or the Machinarium hero. And when this robot throws back its head and pours oil into itself, something so distant, dear, from childhood, soaked into the blood after watching the “Secrets of the Third Planet”, where the unfortunate inhabitants of the planet Shelezyak were saved, ripens in the soul. So, the protagonist Feudal Alloy is also very dependent on oil and also got into trouble: some iron villains robbed his village, where he took care of the old men – veterans of the mechanized battles of the past, listening to their stories and dreaming of someday going on a dangerous journey. Or rather, it was not he who dreamed, but the fish that sits in his iron head and controls him …

Cold calculation

Indeed, Feudal Alloy has a rather funny setting, and nice hand-drawn graphics at the level of a high-quality cartoon sets you in the right mood. However, unfortunately, you will not find an abundance of jokes and funny situations here. And the general concept is very standard by today’s standards – this is a two-dimensional action platformer with pumping and indispensable elements of metroidvania.

What happens next is easy to imagine. Throughout the game, we jump on platforms, overcome traps, fight, including with huge “bosses”, accumulate experience and coins with which you can buy new weapons and new arms / legs / head / body – this is how the items of equipment that give different bonuses to damage, armor, oil reserves (similar to health) and cooling speed.

The latter needs to be said separately. In fact, this is endurance: the more often our hero hits with a sword, the faster he overheats. And when the limit is reached, we will not be able to deliver a single blow – we will have to retreat and wait for the robot to cool down. The situation is saved by the intake of cooling oil, which immediately relieves overheating. It is even better to drink it in advance, before a particularly hot slaughter, in order to significantly reduce the consumption of “stamina”.

Feudal Alloy game review

You have to jump and hit here all the time.

Therefore, you need to carry stocks of such potions with you. Another thing is that their reception is accompanied by a separate animation, which cannot be interrupted – at this time the character is defenseless. Accordingly, in fights it is necessary not only to famously jump, dodging blows, and monitor overheating, but also to seize the moment for oil therapy.

In part, you can influence the situation again with equipment. It is up to you to decide what is better – to put everything on, conditionally, for damage, armor, or for reducing the rate of overheating / improving the efficiency of cooling. There are also related skills. As we gain experience, we get ability points that can be distributed over three branches, responsible for attack, defense, or, again, overheating / cooling.

Without fanaticism

Even without the constant jokes about robot fish, such a concept can serve as the basis for a great game. Moreover, there are still a lot of secrets, chests with coins or new equipment, branches on the map and places where for the time being you won’t be able to get – you either need to open a new ability in the story, or find a special key card.

The trouble is that Feudal Alloy harnesses very slowly. For a long time we run around approximately the same locations, use only swords in fights and only one default strike (no block, no dodge), fight the same mechanical bees and small robots. There is little interesting loot – everything is kind of the same.

Feudal Alloy game review

Getting to the treasured chests is sometimes very difficult.

Opportunities to get into previously inaccessible places are limited only by throwing a grenade, which blows up doors and wooden floors in some places. And the first truly epic “boss” in full screen appears only a few hours later – before that, we are locked in the arena a maximum of several times, where enemies run in waves.

Then, thank God, everything will be – and new abilities that help you get to other places, and more diverse equipment, and complex phased battles with “bosses”, and interesting locations, and tricky traps, and a block that can not only stop enemy attacks , but also to beat off the “fireballs” launched from the next trap.

But I’m afraid not everyone will endure this. Especially under the same medieval musical motive, from which blood soon seems to start to flow from the ears.

In battles, you can and should use different grenades and bombs.


The authors of Feudal Alloy came up with a funny setting, put a fish in the head of a robot, introduced a cooling / overheating mechanic (which is the same endurance management), but did not figure out how, apart from purely external things, the game would differ from other representatives of the now very popular genre . However, if you are not too fastidious and do not play metroidvania every day, then Feudal Alloy can definitely please you and brighten up a couple of winter evenings.

Pros: funny unusual setting; cute picture.

Cons: too simple and standard gameplay for the genre; few interesting abilities of the protagonist; primitive metroidvania mechanics; simple pumping; annoying music.

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