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The remake of Final Fantasy VII was never released on PC, but was re-released on PlayStation 5. The version with the subtitle Intergrade is available for free to those who bought the game on PS4, but PlayStation Plus users were cheated – those who took FFVII by subscription did not get the upgrade. In addition, on PS5, you can pay for the INTERmission add-on, which tells a bonus story about Yuffie, a secret playable character from the original Final Fantasy VII. But is she worthy of attention?

Even more beautiful than before

First, let me say a few words about the reissue. In terms of gameplay, nothing has changed in it, but visually it is a big step forward. Obviously, such a dynamic, spectacular and rich in special effects combat system plays with completely different colors at a high frame rate, and Intergrade confirms this – 60 frames / s make it almost a different game. There is a mode with 30 frames / s, in which the graphics are slightly better, but this is noticeable only in static mode.

Although ray tracing has not been added here, this does not prevent the game from looking luxurious – here the textures are much sharper than before, and the fog is now where it is needed, and the lighting is impressive time after time. At the same time, downloads are lightning fast – compared to the PS4 version, where they took an indecently long time, you almost do not have to wait here. All this is enough that even those who have already played the game can enjoy the revisiting of Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a deluxe re-release with just a nice addition

With graphical improvements, the game is even more like an interactive CGI movie.

An exclusive innovation was the photo mode, which allows you to start at any time. There are all kinds of settings, and character models can be removed if you want to photograph the views. But the poses of the characters cannot be changed, although with this option, funny pictures would certainly have been obtained.

Another drawback of the re-release is the complete disregard for DualSense features. Overall, Intergrade adds elements missing from the original rather than offering a new experience on the PlayStation 5.

Universal Fighter

Another thing is INTERmission, a four-hour story about Yuffie. She tells about the events taking place at the moment when, in the main plot, Cloud separated from his comrades. Previously, almost nothing was known about Yuffie, as well as about the Wutai region, where she comes from. Here, much more attention is paid to this, although it is difficult to say that this story has significant significance. It has a lot of references for the fans, the ending is a lot of emotion, and the last scene was clearly added for the sake of heated discussions among the fans. But running for PS5 and buying an add-on is hardly worth it – except perhaps later, at a discount, when you really miss the “final game”.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a deluxe re-release with just a nice addition

It’s a pity that the add-on lasts only four hours – you want to spend more time with the characters.

DLC upsets untapped potential. It uses locations from the original, the plot consists of only two chapters, side entertainment is not very interesting. And the plot seems somewhat crumpled – they tried to saturate a short story with various events. It turns out an attraction of emotions – then you are touched, looking at the wonderfully animated Yuffie, then suddenly the drama begins, then everything slides into “gloomy”. The ending works anyway, and the character development is obvious, but there were some missed opportunities.

But you fall in love with Yuffie at first sight – both in how funny she runs and in her fighting skills. Since she is the only playable character in the add-on, they tried to make her a universal soldier – she is good in close combat and can stand up for herself in long-range combat. The player throws a huge shuriken at the enemy, after which he remotely uses tricks and can change the elements depending on the weaknesses of the opponent.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a deluxe re-release with just a nice addition

Additional entertainment is not so interesting that with their help the passage could be greatly stretched.

The battles are so spectacular and dynamic that Yuffie wants to see a full-fledged member of the squad in the continuation of the remake. Plus, the difficulty on “normal” is higher here than in the original (apparently, so that the players really understand the skills of the character), it is recommended to act thoughtfully. The game insists on using all the possibilities, so you pay special attention to skills like Banishment – its power is accumulated when other combat skills are activated.

There are also joint attacks with Sonon, the heroine’s partner, who is also from Wutai and accompanies Yuffie almost from the very beginning. You can’t control it – just give orders or literally fight side by side: press L2 to activate synergy, accumulate ATB points together and make even more powerful attacks. Thanks to this, Sonon does not seem like an ordinary bot – quite an active participant in every major brawl. In addition, he is always ready to sacrifice himself – if Yuffie dies, he immediately dies himself, having previously resurrected his partner.

In the continuation of the remake, I would like to see the development of the idea of ​​​​joint attacks.

Outside of the main story, there is entertainment like a combat simulator (arenas with enemies), destruction of boxes for a while, as well as Fort Condor board games. You select a squad and enter the field, where you place units with a top view and try to penetrate the enemy’s territory in order to break his buildings. Units can be modified, just like in a card game, by buying new units with the money earned for victories. Nothing unusual, but the mini-game can captivate – it’s a pity, you have to fight only with AI, multiplayer would obviously not hurt here.

For a new audience, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a great game that looks stunning on PS5 and doesn’t get annoying with long downloads or soapy textures on PS4. And, if you have the original and somehow managed to buy a new generation console, you will probably want to replay the game at 60 frames / s. But spending money on an add-on, at least before discounts, doesn’t seem like the best solution. It is good and will give more than four hours of spectacular and fascinating history, but if you put it off until better times, then you will not lose anything.

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