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For many years now, we, people who are not indifferent to video games, have been unlucky for their worthy film adaptations. Director Paul W. S. Anderson had good attempts to bring the Resident Evil series to the big screen, but with each new film, the cinematic universe moved further and further away from the original source and common sense. The only thing that has not changed over the years is the grace and dexterity with which the main character Alice, performed by Milla Jovovich, dealt with her enemies.

Fifteen years later, The Last Chapter of the saga has finally been released. Will it be a worthy conclusion to the series or will it continue a series of unsuccessful film adaptations?

Alice’s short motorbike ride is one of the few highlights in the film, with the main action taking place either at night or in dark, abandoned laboratories.

Ghost from the past

The new Resident Evil movie picks up where the last one left off. And again, screenwriter Paul Anderson seems to forget the details and easily gets rid of the “extra” characters. In Retribution, Chris and Claire Redfield suddenly disappeared from the ship. Now erase from memory Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong – they disappeared just like the thousands of zombies that besieged the White House in Washington.

Now the main character must save the remnants of humanity and for this return to Raccoon City and the “Beehive” – ​​the place where it all began. In the city, she meets Claire and a group of new characters who are only needed to die the death of the brave (actually, not very brave) after some time.

The film puts an end to the story and even has one unexpected plot twist. We will be told about the motives of Umbrella, spitting on all the facts that were mentioned in previous films, and will reveal the secrets of Alice’s past. They will also remember the ill-fated T-virus, which was originally not a malicious infection at all, but was still called a virus for some reason. Yes, there are so many inconsistencies in the film that the palm will get tired of hitting the forehead. The games in the series, of course, sometimes also lacked logic, but some other features of the franchise could be taken as a role model.

From the third part, clones appeared in the films – first the main character, and then other characters. The Replicants were calm about the chaos that was happening around them, and only now the topic of their self-identification was finally touched upon. To put it more precisely, they walked through it casually, because this is not the “World of the Wild West” for you. And so every time – it seems that the authors want to express some thought, but they cannot.

Remember Retribution’s timid attempts to promote the theme of motherhood and caring for a girl who considered Alice her mother? Forget about this issue, and about the girl, like a bad dream. The new film has suddenly made a religious bias, which looks wild within the series. The share of fanaticism seems to have leaked out of the film adaptation of Silent Hill and clearly did not benefit Resident Evil.

Claire “cosplays” herself from Resident Evil: Revelations 2. At this point, the references to the games are almost over.

Sleep of reason

To their credit, previous films in the saga have at times managed to elicit an approving grin or even an admiring “wow”. But The Final Chapter has nothing to praise it for: no characters familiar to fans of the series (with the exception of Wesker and Claire), no frame-by-frame scenes from the games, no spectacular monsters like the Nemesis or the Executioner.

Let the last one in “Life after death” come from nowhere, but the scenes with him are made, damn it, amazingly. In “Retribution” there were already two Executioners, so in the new film one should have expected a four, but Pol Anderson tempered his ardor and did not even add something worthwhile and justifying 3D glasses to replace them. In the absence of an adequate plot, I wanted to enjoy at least the picture, but even here it is a complete disappointment.

Visually, the film is similar to the third part of the film saga – “Degeneration”: the same post-apocalyptic devastation without sterile laboratories, and the main character changed her tight latex suit for dirty clothes in the style of the new Lara Croft.

The fourth and fifth films are remembered for the soundtrack of the duo tomandandy. In The Last Chapter, the electronics were replaced by Paul Haslinger, whose compositions failed to add a single drop of atmosphere to the tape.

The change of editor also did not go to the new “Resident Evil” in favor. If you can succinctly describe what is happening on the screen, then this is epilepsy with constantly changing plans. Looking at such a shooting is a dubious pleasure. Luckily, the movie isn’t all about jerky action scenes.

Over the years, the Hive has changed a lot, but the very corridor with lasers is still in place and even functions.


For all their shortcomings, films about Alice’s adventures in the country of zombies each time collected a large box office and paid off at the box office. And every time it provoked the director to shoot the next sequel. There is also a share of our “guilt” in this: it is difficult to resist the temptation to look at what this time they did with the famous video game series on the big screen and how they distorted the original source.

Meanwhile, for Paul and Milla, “Resident Evil” has already become a family affair – they even connected their daughter to the process, and in “The Last Chapter” she played the Red Queen. But neither baby Ever nor her parents’ love for their fifteen-year-old project cancels the fact that The Last Chapter turned out to be weaker than the previous parts of the franchise. One can only hope that the filmmakers will keep their promise and it will indeed be the last (once they wanted to complete the saga on the third part). After all, it could always be worse.

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