Codes New - Updated on July 15, 2022

Are you a fan of role playing games for android? Now such games are very popular, because in them you can feel like the hero of the application. The same story is with the Fire Ant Simulator, where you will participate in the ant story. Your task is to initially build your colony led by the queen. Your colony should have soldier ants and worker ants. First, find enough ants, and only then think about a colony. When it is big, the queen will appear on your horizon.

List of Codes Expiration date
DN7ZLYAF9MV July 20, 2022
GDLY0W6KOC September 9, 2022
30MIGZDSH July 28, 2022
7OAKGL1EDW2 August 9, 2022
0WS3E2V7PCRF September 5, 2022
AUCWEF4RPK2 August 26, 2022

When the process of creating a colony is over, you will have to fight bosses. And your enemies will be bugs, scorpions, praying mantises, spiders and other types of insects. In short, you are waiting for the biological struggle for survival. Remember all super-bosses must be defeated, only then you will receive many different bonuses and rewards in order to purchase food for your ant colony and their queen in the future game. By the way, the queen will be constantly hungry, so feed her more often.

As you can see, you won’t get bored with the Fire Ant Simulator app. It pleases not only the original plot, but also high-quality graphics with an interesting sound. Download the game, create your own colony, fight against enemies and bosses of various insects!

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