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Play 5v5 quick movement matches for 5-7 minutes, enhance weapons and kit, manage shooters, use tactical grenades and try to survive. Examine all the game maps; they’ll turn into your gun on this game’s planet, engulfed in protests and demanding confrontation of various fractions.

Be a part of epic PvP battles and turn into heroes of the battlefield. All capturing recreation objects impact gameplay; you’ll get just by collaborating within the sport. So get some weapons, gears, and grenades, and bang! Lead military operations in Chornobyl, Japan, the USA, and digital battle zones. Please participate in movement workforce battles, plant a bomb, or defuse it. Buy new weapons, troopers, and armor, try new methods, and arrange distinctive attachments.

Fire Strike Gun Shooter FPS Mod APK 3.62 (Unlimited Ammo)

It's great gameplay cool maps but I think you should have a better swat look I mean it's great but but besides 5 . Super gaming bro I am very proud on this game . The experience of me when i was playing the game was so good. This game's grafix is so cool For games creator -plz reply me Why opponents are so dumb I win every single match. Wow the graphics is nice and smooth and it easy to play. Finally game controller support has been added!! Thank you !! Great game good graphics and smooth gameplay. Please add more game modes. Hopefully game controller support will be added to modern ops as well. Great work!!.

Hi again can u delete my m.i.ahhh account please, over playing bots. Hello developer,this best (mobile)gun game ever it is good as csgo,and i want updates and i give 5 rating so I need a graphics and guns update and i have idea do chapter(i know it is hard do but do ) Thank you for this wonderful game. Have the issue like my man doesn't shoot other opponents. Good but needs data to play. It is the worst game when i install it it doesnt.

Not recommended at all , this is a dog and rubbish game , forever wont support u , ED DOG GAME. Not as good as Modern Ops, but still a nice fps shooting game to play.. me like da game. it is preeeeeeety good. This game is good ot is just the maps are not really fun. This game is my favourite game.

This game is so good! The guns aren't overly expensive, and it isn't hard to get currency! This is the best shooting game ever! The graphics are really good too! Toatally Recommend! Great Job!. I mean this game is all right it is kind of fun. No tem nenhum jogo melhor do que esse!!!. This game is very boring because this game is best for timepass. This a game you will never wanted to quit Trust me.

Awesomely wonderful excellent game but I don't like to play with other people I like to play alone.. It don't get much better than this!. Devs, why in crime volts have no players hehehe... I'm back here hope not laggy and bugs ...but, before have lags,... See? What happens in any edkons game hehehe,..need SMOOTH CONTROLS AND GAME ITS OK .. AND LOVE SNIPERS HHEHE... DEVS FIX ALL ..I GIVE 5 IF SMOOTH... Bro I already killed 16 enemys and we won again. at stage of 47 my points are not working and added again I have to start a new ID and working out for it to achieve the last level.

Really good and the best part is there is autofire. Great game! And everyone with bad reviews about gameplay must have garbage devices. Great job guys keep up the good work!. Pay to lose to bots. Try wwheros. Much better game. this app is the greatest app ever created. lovely graphics. excellent game play. very smooth. i like......

Bust bust bust nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb chh Cyn kcc karm kcc sijcobjobso bxo oj boj bibxh bh. Zxk. Dvbo cjhdbjobdixbdcbdbdibxdxbdcbdx dxbcbbcbcbobcbcbc. For all call of duty fan and CS fans download this game. No improvements at all, no upgrades to characters, tactics, skills, movements. No rewards that make sense to use during game play, this games play is a step down from PS1. Never thought I'd play a game that cheats worse the PUBG/PUNK-G.. Like call of duty mobile mixed with CS:GO amazing. Excellent First Person Shooter Game Great Graphics Criminally Underrated I Hope They Come Out With A Sequel To This Asap!!.

Good game in the world but you don't allow to kill the other players through the walls I did it so my account is blocked by the edkon company. Your faithful bss. Great game! Easy controls and no ads, also it is free nice work devs. my low end device 1 gb ram but this game run smoothly omg this is amazing THANKS FOR MAKING THIS GAME. Easy to play and fun game. Good game i love it but when I turned of my wi Fi all my progress was gone.

this game is so much fun I got up 20 levles in like 10 min. It a good shooting game, there's another game called code of war it's bad it's terrible,but this is the best. it's a good game a little slow but fun. It worked I love the game. This game is awesome I love to play this game.

The game is good but after some time, after few stages it stops showing you adds so you cant get that extra gold and stuffs so you cant upgrade the stuff quickly, have to keep on playing and playing for that and that will discourage you to play the game further.. Game is super fun good quality download it for yourself u will see how fun it is five star game. WOW THAT'S A GOOD I AM AND FACET I LOVE YOU. Is freezing up on me every time I go to play it just kicks me off and it won't even load now on the front screen I like this game don't get me wrong is there any way you can fix that for me. much improved than it when it first came out.

The best of the best I would say. This game is awesome very nice game but please fix network. Jeos de Shooting s menos Que FORNITE&WARZONE. I want play store fast dowlading. God this game is amazing not modern ops.

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