Game New - Updated on December 25, 2022

Firestone: Non-Stop Magic RPG is an idle battler that areas the necessity for continuous movement in your fingers: Have your heroes auto-battle completely AFK and profit from the fantasy battle visuals, or go on an incremental clicker frenzy to beat monstrous bosses! Collect heroes, enhance talents and equipment, chat with guild associates or work together in war-machine PVP – the choice is in your fingers!

Firestone: Non Stop Magic RPG Mod APK 1.83

Battlepass is good, but adding extra little rewards every 100 points beyond 3000 points (max bp) would be fantastic.. Excellent idle title! Firestone has been my preferred incremental for some time now, with no end in sight.. Good idle game I've been playing it on my PC as well. The game was okay and I connected it to google play. Though opening it the next morning. I lost a days worth of progress and was back at level 4....uninstalled. That is unacceptable in a game that can require hundreds of hours to make meaningful progress.. It won't open the game. It says I am not connected to the Internet when I am. Stuck in tutorial. Game crashed, now it won't progress pass that point..

Probably the best idle game around right now. The community aspect of an idle game is the best part. All other idle games are solo play as far as I am aware, but this one is unique in that aspect where there is PvP and a community. Also it can be played completely f2p and doesn't try drain your money like most games. First idle game I can actually recommend.. The best idle game I could find with nice combat, progression and atmosphere. Finally a game that doesn't try to be a cash grab, and players can progress overtime. I also like the social aspects of this game, such as the guilds and fellowship systems. I've met some amazing people and it's nice to be a part of such a friendly community.. A very good idle game. Fun gameplay and cool graphics. I recommend it.

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