Guide - Updated on September 26, 2022

Based on the Tekken they made animated films and adaptations with live actors, but the franchise did not have its own anime series. But coming soon – Netflix announced Tekken: Bloodline.

The opening of the show goes like this:

“Power means everything.” From a young age, Jin Kazama learned from his mother the family secrets of the art of self-defense, the traditional fighting style of Kazama. However, he couldn’t help it when a monstrous evil suddenly arose, destroyed everything Jin held dear, and changed his life forever. Jin became angry with himself for his impotence, vowed to take revenge, and for this he began to look for indestructible strength. The journey led him to the decisive battle on the world stage – the tournament “King of the Iron Fist”.

Apparently, the official materials have not yet specified who exactly is involved in the production. Tekken: Bloodline. The anime series will premiere in 2022.


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