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Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer is a fun role-playing game where you can become a trainer for real heroes and constantly improve their strength in a special gym. Train in the gym with the heroes and then they will be able to take on the challenge from the terrible bosses.

Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer
 Promo Codes (2023 January) 5.3
All Codes Expiration date
S4AC1JDOYUQ February 19, 2023
7TPORYCL40 January 23, 2023
6C9BROSJQ February 21, 2023
4KNDO6GYWUS January 30, 2023
K0Q1M9HA5FT7 January 16, 2023
9K0PUNAJDBT March 4, 2023
OX4IC5ED3AN February 23, 2023
CHB3NUWTO7 January 12, 2023
XRCIWVEPM January 21, 2023
LKQ6E4AWUT3 February 3, 2023
VO95WQ4ETJGB January 16, 2023
5V4PZU82KB3 March 4, 2023

Take on the role of a personal trainer for the best team of heroes. You have to monitor their physical strength and constantly perform a lot of training to maintain or improve their shape. Train every day and take the time to do it, because there is an opportunity to get rich on heroes. The player from Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer will get an unrealistically updated experience and will be able to join the fight for the title of the best trainer for heroes. When your heroes are fully trained, then they can go to war with the most vicious monsters. They all need to be defeated in order to complete the game and show what the time spent on fitness was worth. By participating in the Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer, the player will be able to experience completely new opportunities for the war of heroes, which were previously unimaginable. Train and release new heroes in the game Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer Start this RPG-style war right now and hit the monsters of the universe on the spot. You are waiting for the most intense and interesting game of our time. Come up with your own strategy that will help you get the most out of all the heroes in order to use them in business. Gather the best here and go through these role-playing adventures with them. Players from Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer know for sure that their training is never in vain and brings maximum results during the war itself. Manage your team, train it and improve every single ability. Thanks to the multiplayer arena, you can even fight with your friends and become the best in the world ranking.

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