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Flip into most likely essentially the most excellent gaming tycoon and deal with your esports group inside the new esports supervisor sport, FIVE. Designed for mobile-first, you’ll be able to play FIVE online wholly free, wherever, anytime – when yyou’reAFK in CS, streaming tournaments, on the go, or if “obligation calls.” Experience iconic multiplayer modes the place you overwatch 5v5 matches, and the strategies of acquainted maps grow to be your finest weapon on the battleground.

FIVE Esports Manager Game Mod APK 1.0.29 (Unlocked)

not bad. ok. goodgame. It's very enjoyable!. good one. Cool and Fun.

The app keeps crashing as soon as I try and open it. No matter how many times I try.. Can't even play. After set up, just about to start first game. The game just crash. And unable to get it back up.. Just installed this and keeps crashing randomly, always crash after hiring 1st player. I'm playing on Vivo X60 wich is Vivo's flagship phone. Just contact ur own tech team with my problem. 5 I Love this lags...keep it up guys.. Won't even load, constantly crashes from the start.

When the game first came out, it was okay but has so much potential. Now it's just sad to see that it got worst. The loading sometime doesn't work, sometimes it gives error, how? The game revolve around skins, I get it, a lot of people love skins but not for me. It's like you guys ran out of ideas for the game. The game doesn't have the progress feelings, it's like you're stuck forever. The only thing that change is the player, the skin and the name of the rank. I'm just disappointed. PLEASE KEEP THE GAME UPDATE, This game is so awesome. Pretty good game; a suggestion: a function to change players nicknames.. Using samsung s10 appdoesnt even open it just crashes. ROUNDBREAKDOWN WHEN???.

This is a new game that feels in testing mode. A lot of quirks to resolve. However I've had minor bugs and it's overall an interesting game with no ads and no p2w aspects so far. good game. awesome. Payed twice for the $15 pack and havnt received the tokens or cash. Crash after play.

good. Crashes after picking my first player. alot of improvements needed. great concept, decent execution. but it is way too early to be called a beta game, let alone a full-fledged game. at least publish it when its 80% done so people won't be disappointed. but still it's decent and with enough improvements and care from the devs, this will be one of if not the best eSport manager sim game.. Game is good please add tokens to play matchs. awesome game.

Game crashes immediately after picking first person. Reloads and then won't let you select anything. I Uninstalled then installed again and exact same thing happened. Never even played the game because game crashes. My phone is almost new, got it like 4 months ago. Up to date on everything. Seems like the developer was lazy and has bugs.. Game crashes on startup on Galaxy Fold 3.. Great game , great concept but heavily p2w. I don't recommend to anyone playing this. 10 minutes playtime then wait for 6 hours to get a training token or match token and then wait another 6 hours for another? if u dont want to wait u have to pay money. shame its such a good game but way too oriented to pay to advance even a day.. Let's.stall. .

Good game. Its an amazing game. Its just that 1 The highlights should be players getting a bunch of kills, collats, clutches and not players dyin in a second. 2 We need a character customization for the first guy we pick at the start. 3 Better names for players. 4 There needs to be an option where when you stream/train your players. It shows you their gameplay highlights. Thats it for me. Great game I hope you guys add these features.. fun. It is the greatest game love lt. idk this game is sick.

Good game! Feels more like a beta tho because of 1 loading screens 2 some stuff need to be optimized, like skins : I have to go to the practice tab so I know who is my sniper, my sup, my riffler etc and THERE click on them to equip skin. The skins section doesn't give role.. Which is weird.. Cause you should be able to do it from there? A merch tab would also be a cool feature. ITS AN AWESOME GAME.but i do recommend they improve the graphics and good quality to the game.i 100 percent know this game have rooom for development. Can't even run this game. Crashes when trying to open the game. Slow. this game is awesome.

It's OK, quite fun yet boring at the same time. There's plenty to do but it takes far too long to earn training or ladder match tokens (or what ever the game calls them). Game suddenly doesn't load, no fix to be found. Reinstall doesn't work. I would say this game is not a priority of the developer.. cool. very nice game. Even on a Samsung S22+, Game struggles to operate. Constantly keeps crashing on start, won't get past the first "Hire" screen. I'd like to give a review on the game itself, however, when multiple of my devices won't START the game I fear that won't be possible..

Best GAME. Had fun at first, lost all my progress and the few purchases I made when I swapped phones. Can't seem to recover, and I can't even get the app to load anymore.. I got screwed.. game keeps crashing on startup. it freezes and then stops working my phone is a samsung s21 5g up to date.. Crashed 6 times in a row at the start couldn't even hire my first guy. Xxx.

pretty good game by the looks of it. spent a little time playing it. seems cool. I just downloaded it and it was not responding and told to contact the customer service or I don't know what. This game is pretty good but I think it needs a full tutorial it's not very clear about what to actually do in the game. waiting time is too long.. get bored already. The wait times for refresh are literally screaming to the consumer, stop playing. I just don't see your goal with this app. The platform is awesome and has so much potential but nothing refreshes fast enough for daily engagement. Truly a shame. *update* Now won't open and when does crashes..

Not loading. This game has a lot of potential, but I'd consider this like a beta. The game feels slow and clunky, but there's already a lot of depth to it. The menu navigation is very bad and the animations are ridiculously slow. The ladder system also need works, as you just hit a wall once you get to bronze 3/4. This is the type of game you play once per day, and therefore the progression is slow. The tactics system is very cool and we'll though and it's the strong point of the game for sure.. Fix your game!! Won't even start up, sits on Main loading screen.. cool. Palak bapak kau.

The % chance of winning shows totally wrong. For example - In a "Ladder" Tournament final (Can't remember the name of the tournament) I got a bit over 80% chance to win againts much weaker side. I got hammered, yet my opponent was significally weaker. Happens often. Getting to Bronze 4 is super hard. I get much more stronger opponents in Bronze 3. Loading times are the worst and i get errors constantly. The game itself is decent, i like the idea. But i hope there will be improvements soon. good. Nice game. cool idea. fun working up the rankings. nice.

Game is fun for what it offers but today I'm having problem starting it up. Game crashes as soon as the starting screen shows up. . not bad. To many adds I don't mind adds in games but not this many. Looks like a great game cant get past first character select force closes..

its not bad. Only played up to team creation but stopped as I could not choose my home nation of Wales but yet could choose the other nations (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) either represent each UK nation or just use the UK flag. One of the worst games out there. You can't even create your own team as it crashes the moment you hire a team member. When you reenter the game it automatically goes to the hire screen and you're stuck there and you can't do a damn thing. If you already have it installed get rid of it now, if you are thinking about installing it drink some bleach as that would be a better experience.. Always crashes could be a 5 star but its unplayable. this game really impressed me.

Don't launching. AszA k. good game. game keeps being racist and crashes. Suck game.

wonderful game guys download now. Fun game so far.. Really like the concept of the game. The cooldown times are a bit high. But Really annoying to play when the game constantly crashes and sometimes doesn't want to open for days at a time.. I like the game it is fun but there are some bugs that make me lose games I am guaranteed to win and also how do I sell skins? Cause I want to make some money. Can't get passed the first character choice screen then game crashed and wouldn't go past it.

A few glitches, but not bad overall. Game is unplayable and undownloaded.. I am so happy with this game. I can't run the game After I choose a player for my team the game crash. Game crashes every time I try to start it. I have a Galaxy S21+, and have no issues with other games. This looks like a game I would really like but I can't even try it. If developers can fix this issue, I will give it another try..

great game experience so far. Its boring, u wont do anything else except for upgrading and waiting, not much action, and again its so boring. Game crash after select the first player and them when reopening yo cant select any player from the three options. BUG. Game crashes a lot, it is not enjoyable and gets frustrated every 2 minutes of crash.. good gmae.

Game is already bugged 1 minute in, after selecting a player to hire it crashed and now it opens on the hire screen and can't exit. the game force closed after I'm hiring the first player right after making my team.. Still a little buggy, but a fun and great game.. Cant even pick first player after creating team. Reinstalled 4 times and closed reopened countless times. Really wanted to try this too. Big sad. It take alot of time to get token this is sucks.

nice game. Looks good, but can't play on my S21+ ...Just keeps crashing and couldn't even get past the choose first character, before it had crashed several times, gave up trying in the end, as that was lucky, 90% of the time it wouldn't even load up and crashed me out straight away. Terrible I can't even play because it crashes every time I try to hire my first player. fun and makes time pass faster. Bronze 4 is matchmaking against double your everything, be it time or player stats. For a long while, don't expect to move up in ladder matches. You can have a 98% chance to win a game, yet lose 100% of the time the game says you have an advantage. Everything is a loading screen, with basic quality of life improvements being non-existent. Changing 1 player in a line up already requires loading screens. Adding 1 skin? Loading screen. Removing skins is not possible, only replacing them..

cool. Typical get an energy every 4hrs, so you cantbactually sit down and play the game. Maybe you'll log on every once in a while but I definently have a difficult time getting invested/interested in a game I can barley play. Youth is cool but it will take ages to actually recruit them, the matches are cool but lacking, the videos of the match are clunky even for a mobile game. A genuinely cool concept. Just wish I could actually play the game. Also why no solo tournament.. jus. cool game. it's so addictive.

Needs a lot of optimization. Crashes often occurs. It uses a huge amount of RAM for a simulator game.. This is a good game i love this game je bhut asha gane hai mai har roj ye game khelta rehta hu phele mai free fire khelta tha ab se mai ye game kheluga... This game is great but i cant downliad now. Consistent crashing. The game consistently crashes ever 2 minutes or so. It makes the game very difficult to enjoy when I have to reopen the game 6 times to do a 5 minute task. Now for some reason the game will literally not even open. Crashes on the main screen straight after loading. Been like this for days and I can't access anything. Its the only game I have ever seen this broken.. Good.

Im trying reload for fix error but reload was so slow and i cant play well. Does not currently work with s22 models, crashes on boot. Great game an offline version would also be good and it would help if the cool downs are not for so long. good. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to pass the first step in setup as it just crashes or gets to the player selection and doesnt allow me to choose one, I have given a 2 star because I do like the concept but being unable to play I can't give a rating.

Good game but Hard to Play Can u make it more easy?. Yeah the game crashes before I can play. Please fix so I can enjoy. Thank you.. Game won't open at all.. A lot of crashes. Couldn't play a single match. Samsung A72. The match making is unfair i got defeated by a player who has better players than mine. My highest power player has like 125 rifling skill while he has players that has the power of 300+ it's just unfair imagine waiting hours to play 1 ladder match and then someone just straight up defeats you pls fix the match making..

In the start the tutorial the is always crashing no matter what i do. how to login to old account ?. Win Chance 80% can LOSE? YEAH DEFINITELY LOSEEEEEEEEE........ Looks promising but constantly crashes, causing progress to be impossible. so best.

Trash fix your app before releasing it to the public. Interesting game but you just can't actually play it 🙂 But why? How is it possible ? Oh, you just download the game, spend 10 minutes clicking different buttons like "play ranked", "train" etc. And that's all, you have very very high cooldowns up 8 hours. You need to wait really big amount of time to play a game. I don't like it at all.. nice game. -2 stars due to amount of app crashes I have to deal with daily. The resource generators could do with speeding up a touch. Great concept though and with further development am sure it will be 5 star worthy.. Doesn't work wants so ever. Can't get past creating a team.

I hate it's an online game. Nice. I'm using S21 Ultra and you say that it's a device problem. You deleted my review. great game. Love the concept but the game have been crashing like 8x after installing. I've only gone through the first match and crashed 8x from loading screen. S21 ultra here. Devs, take note.

Good Game. You can t war in this game you can see. I don't know if it is a bug or a glitch but even though I set specific player to a role, it still changes when it comes to the game. I had my best player on awping because he was the best at it but then in game he just chooses to use rifle instead and ended up being bottom fragger always. Please fix this. Really good potential, I know this is in development and is slowing becoming an amazing past time. My only concern is why can't I Skin Trade Up?? At first it was after 5 to 6 guns added to the list, and the game wouldn't let me add anymore. After this new update, that has been limited quite a lot, but I cant trade up Exceptional, loads 1 and then no weapons are even available...?? I have 18 Exceptionals. How must I do this??. Game is good fun..

Reduce the waiting time. good. This game is trash I'm stuck at play ladder rubbish I'm unable to click anything. I won't recommend this app. GoodGame.

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