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At first glance, the game Five Nights in Anime 1 is no different from the original horror story: the hero also ends up in a pizzeria where robotic dolls roam at night. However, the appearance of the animatronics has changed a lot – now the player will be pursued not by frightening monsters, but by beautiful girls in costumes. Using the available tools and devices, the hero must save his life and successfully complete all levels.

Gameplay overview

The mechanics of passing in Five Nights with Anime is practically no different from the original horror FNAF series. The player occupies the post of a guard, on which he must be from 12 at night to 6 in the morning. At the same time, active girls-dolls are walking around the building: they want to get to the hero by all means. To escape from anime girls in animal costumes, the user needs to close the doors and ventilation in time.

It is quite difficult to pass the level the first time, but after numerous attempts the player will be able to study the features of the movement of animatronics and apply the available rescue methods in time.

How to escape the animatronics

As in the main version, in FNIA 1 the player can follow the movement of the animatronics through the cameras. They are located in all rooms of the pizzeria and allow you to determine where each of the girls is going. If the doll is next to a closed door, its location can be found by turning on the backlight. The cameras and monitor, as well as turning on the lights and locking the doors, require electricity, which is extremely limited. For this reason, the player cannot keep the doors closed all the time.

If the electricity is over, you can prepare to complete the level. Once the anime dolls get into the guard’s office, they pounce on the player. To make the game more impressive, the developers of the adapted version have replaced traditional jumpscares with attractive videos, and frightening screams with pleasant squeals. Also, new soundtracks were added to the horror.

Setting Features

Changes to the setting of Five Nights in Anime 1 also affected the appearance of the pizzeria. On the walls of the building are pasted colorful posters, which depict cute girls-dolls. In between attacks, the player can look at them and discover a lot of interesting things. In the images of girls, the developers reproduced the three main characters of the FNAF universe: Freddie the bear, Chick the chicken, Bonnie the hare, Foxy the fox. However, on the posters there are also ordinary pictures drawn in anime style, but not directly related to the game.

Plot and continuation

The storyline of Five Nights in Anime 1 includes five levels without additional locations and secret missions. Arranged in increasing difficulty, the nights also differ in the nature of the movements of the main characters and in the amount of electricity. Access to the levels is opened sequentially. If the player is interested in the plot of FNIA 1, he can continue the passage by installing the continuation on the phone – FNIA 2.

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