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As in previous games in the series, the hero enters the post of a security guard in an interesting institution. At night, attractive anime robots dressed as animals roam the building. However, cute girls seem harmless only at first glance: in fact, they want to attack the guard and take advantage of him. To protect yourself from active anime robots, the player must close the doors in time and fend off the villains with a flashlight.

Features of the passage

The gameplay, traditional for all anime modifications, is repeated in FNIA: RX (FNIA: RX). The story consists of 5 nights lasting 6 hours – during this time the player must survive by saving himself from the energetic animatronic girls. A feature of the new version is the presence of an additional night, access to which opens after the completion of the main story.

Some passage mechanics have also changed: for example, a scale for equipment overheating has appeared in the game. Its value decreases when the hero uses the cameras for a long time; as soon as the cameras are turned off, the equipment starts to cool down. If overheating reaches the limit, the camera may stop working before the end of the level. Therefore, the player should monitor not only the amount of electricity, but also the temperature of technical devices.

Complicating the survival mode, the developers at the same time added new opportunities for salvation. So, when the electricity runs out, a special game mode is activated, in which the hero can use the reserve supply of energy. In this mode, the player has access only to a faded backlight. However, you can protect yourself from the attack by hiding under the table: then there is a chance that the anime dolls will leave without finding the guard.

Additional features

The setting of Five Nights in Anime: RX Edition is very similar to other anime modifications; only the graphics and the way the locations are drawn have changed. At the same time, attractive scenes have been updated in the game, replacing jumpscares when attacking anime girls. In addition, an animation has been added for robot girls that plays when you hover the camera. All this makes the passage even more exciting and unusual.

mobile version

Five Nights at Anime RX is currently only available for download on PC (fans have recently created a port). As a replacement, smartphone owners can install similar applications: FNIA 1 and FNIA 2.


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