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Flying Girl Runner is a simple but very interesting app designed especially for kids.

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NGH42BCJRXE August 7, 2022

According to the plot, you have to control a girl who can fly. But in order for it to take to the air, you need to collect enough wings for it. Your task is to help the girl get to the castle.

This is not such an easy task. On the way to the castle, you will find many dangerous tasks and exciting adventures, and in each level you will find wings that you must collect so that your heroine does not fall to the ground.

For successfully completing levels, you will be rewarded with bonus points and useful items that will help expand the capabilities of your character. You also need to collect coins along the way to gain access to useful crafting and upgrades.

The Flying Girl Runner game has a bright design and high-quality graphics. And thanks to the fact that the application was specially created for mobile phones and tablets based on Android, the game is characterized by simple control: to move the character and improve it, just use a few buttons.

The application is free to download and does not contain paid content, prohibited content or embedded advertising.

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