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A threat looms over the island of Rozantika – all evil seeps through the cracks in the shield that closes it. The filth that fills the island has bred everywhere, and the locals were not ready for the invasion. Fortunately, as is usually the case, the chosen hero Flynn is found – he takes possession of a special sword and fights back the villains. The dog Dex could help him, only the villainess stole her energy – at first you have to cope on your own.

Need to be patient

The story is the weakest part of Flynn: Son of Crimson. Everything seems to be in place: cute comic inserts, various characters, plot and side dialogues. But everything is too banal and predictable – so much so that it is not interesting to read one after another remarks. We’ve seen it all a hundred times already: a hero who wakes up in his native village and goes on a long adventure is a cliché found in many games.

This does not prevent you from having fun – after all, in platformers, gameplay is above all. Flynn is a solid platformer with a subtle touch of metroidvania. The game is divided into dozens of levels that run on the map, and some locations have two exits. One is available immediately and allows you to advance further in the story, and the other is clearly unattainable without some kind of ability, such as the ability to bounce off walls. At the same time, there is no backtracking – the second exit is usually located at the very beginning of the level.

Flynn: Son of Crimson: Обзор

Flynn will meet this villain more than once.

To be honest, this review might not have been, because in the first hour the game seemed like an obvious “passer” to me. The locations are too linear, you find secrets without even trying, you have to fiddle with opponents for a long time – taking into account the plot, which does not capture, it was difficult to continue the passage. An ordinary, banal platformer, as if made according to a template. But I still gave the game a chance, and soon it seemed to begin to transform.

The locations have become larger, the gameplay has become more diverse, and the combat system has gradually acquired nuances. The boring introduction was forgotten like a bad dream. The essence of the game remains the same: we run from one side to another, fight with opponents and jump on the platforms. But after the first hour, all this constantly happens in different scenery and conditions – at the best moments, Flynn resembles Kaze and the Wild Masks and other similar arcade games in which you don’t know what awaits you next.

Flynn: Son of Crimson: Обзор

Where there is a glider, there are spikes on the ceiling.

Onward to adventure!

In one of the episodes, Flynn dives into the water and swims a long distance with the help of a fish that blows bubbles. In the other, it turns out to be in an abandoned castle, and then in a gloomy library. Caves with electrified platforms, rocky terrain where there is acid rain – you can’t count them all. In the second half of the game, Dex the dog replenishes lost energy and can be summoned in certain places. With her, the levels are even more fun – she rushes like a tank and is not even afraid to fall on spikes that will injure Flynn.

Dex Dash deals too much damage.

There are bosses that are fun to fight. Even though they have no phases, they constantly use different abilities, forcing them to quickly respond to the next attack. Periodically, a lot of Filth breaks through the shield and all levels are blocked, except for one, which you need to return to in order to clear it. You can’t call it backtracking, as the corrupted levels don’t look like their regular versions. There are their own tests – you need to run away from a flying ax, then overcome an obstacle course, then fight in closed arenas with groups of enemies.

The combat system is also getting richer. At first, the hero only swings his sword, shoots energy balls from afar, and also rolls. The roll allows you to slip through the enemy and get behind him, which you use all the time. Even large enemies clearly warn of attacks, so unpleasant surprises are rare. Plus, the vast majority of opponents have a fatigue scale – if you fill it with any blows, the opponent will be stunned for a while.

Not a single chance.

Subsequently, you get access to new types of weapons – an ax and gloves. The first hits slowly, but strongly, and it is easier to stun the target with it. And the gloves are almost perfect in any situation – you deal damage so quickly with them that you interrupt the upcoming attacks and even throw enemies into the air. At the same time, the difficulty does not become too low – the further you go through the game, the more dangerous the creatures are. Someone definitely needs to be hit with an ax to destroy the armor, someone bounces after each blow.

Flynn also learns magic – he can release igniting fireballs, throw electric projectiles and freeze targets. Using all this is not very convenient, since magic tricks require holding a button. But you can charge them at any time – even while hitting with conventional weapons, floating on the surface of the water or climbing stairs. Plus, magic is used to solve the simplest puzzles: sometimes the platforms need to be frozen, then all the altars must be set on fire to open the door.

The environment is equally dangerous for both the hero and enemies.

Red crystals, scattered throughout the levels in large quantities, are spent in the central city on all sorts of improvements. There are weapon-related tricks like powerful combinations or ground strikes, and magic improvements – for example, electric projectiles will not only hit the target, but also spread along the chain to neighboring enemies. There you can also buy an increase in health, increase the number of first-aid kits in your inventory, and so on. If you just run from one end of the map to the other, you will not collect so much currency, so it is advisable to explore the locations well – then you will become much richer.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is ruined by a dull intro – if someone decides to abandon the game within the first hour, it will not be surprising. But after an unsuccessful start, the most interesting begins – although this is a classic platformer without original ideas, the gameplay is able to keep it at the screen until the end. It is diverse and sometimes unpredictable enough to make you want to close your eyes to not the most interesting storyline.

Pros: various levels; convenient management; an excellent progression system – new abilities appear, and the arsenal increases; nice graphics.

Cons: boring, sleepy start; you ignore the story during the passage.

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