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The main action of the game takes place in a pizzeria, familiar to users from the classic horror story FNAF 1. However, this time the player does not need to follow the robot dolls – he himself needs to become a dangerous doll. Putting on a killer costume, the hero goes on a hunt for small children who enter the institution with their parents. For the outing to be successful, the monster needs to hide from the cameras and not attract the attention of the police.

Costumes and locations

The passage begins with the choice of a character. At the first levels, the player has access to only one suit, but as the hero progresses through the story, the hero will be able to acquire new skins. As a payment for the purchase, game points are used, which can be obtained for the successful completion of the mission. The change of costume allows the monster to disguise himself well, thus getting as close to the children as possible.

Additional variety in Killer in Purple brings different locations. The game has a fairly large playing space, consisting of three zones. Each of the zones was created based on one of the horror FNAF series: initially, the hero will come to the pizzeria from FNAF 1 and FNAF 2, after which he will be able to get to the shopping center from FNAF 5. To gain access to the new map, the player must reach a certain level, after which location can be purchased in the store.

How to use game points

Player points are needed to purchase various gadgets that help the player progress through levels, such as animatronic costumes or extra time. By purchasing a robotic doll, the player can place it in their closet and then use the costume to cover up the crime. By placing dead children inside the dolls, the user receives bonus game points.

Also, points can be used to improve the abilities of the character. The purple monster attracts too much unnecessary attention: to solve this problem, the hero can reduce the number of parents in the hall. In addition, the player must ingratiate himself with the children, which is also a difficult task. You can simplify the passage by increasing the gullibility of children by purchasing the appropriate improvement in the store.

Features of the passage

A successful monster hunt in FNAF: Killer in Purple is seriously hampered by cameras placed around the entire perimeter of the pizzeria. If the moment of the attack is recorded on video, then the police will automatically arrive at the institution and neutralize the villain. To avoid police reprisals, the player must carefully explore the locations and find secluded places where the murder will be committed. If the hunting plan fails, then the employees will arrest the monster, and the player will have to start the passage again.

Android version

The original Killer in Purple game was developed for Windows devices, so it is not yet possible to download it to a phone. In return, Android owners can download a fan-port of the second part of FNAF: Killer in Purple 2.

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