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For everyone who suffers from SPGS, I have bad news regarding this game. Here you will not find absolutely anything. This also applies to fans of twisted plots and text quests that can be completed day and night. To your deep regret, in this game there is not an iota of meaning and plot. Your only task will be to run your finger along the drawn routes. I said – there is no depth here, and there will not be, unless of course you are a philosopher. You won’t be able to shoot either, because nothing but a trace from your finger will change. It’s a joke, the levels will change, and moreover, they will change beyond recognition. Dangerous traps, cunning mechanisms, and insidious inversions will lie in wait for you. But again, it will all look as simple as possible. Without the great work of a dozen artists and another dozen screenwriters. There is just point A and point B – connect them without going beyond the white field and that’s it. Banal five-minute time-killer you will say, looking at the first couple of levels and passing them in 10 seconds. Well, yes, you can’t argue here, except that over time you made a little mistake. Simple at first glance, the levels are insidious precisely in their simplicity. One wrong move and all over again. One more wrong move and it’s all over again. And so on ad infinitum. Remember that bird that needs help to fly as far as possible through the forest? Meet her distant relative from the world of abstraction and minimalism. Take care of your nerves.

List of Cheat APKExpiration date
N9SRJBHCIP7August 28, 2022
2KFUYDXI8JSeptember 7, 2022
W8GOKD4HTAugust 10, 2022
24679CSQGE5September 8, 2022
K0JEIVY8S475September 14, 2022
WYEDAP4SBL1September 18, 2022

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