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It’s becoming a good tradition for Ubisoft to provide access to test their new creations a few weeks before their release. A massive closed or open beta test allows developers to test servers under load, find and fix many bugs and bugs, and better prepare for the release. Players are not offended either – you can get acquainted with the product they are interested in for free and decide in advance whether it is worth buying. This tradition was not bypassed by the upcoming medieval action movie For Honor, whose CBT took place from January 26 to 29. The game has attracted a lot of attention since the announcement: AAA-class melee action games are not released very often, and the success of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege showed that Ubisoft has not yet forgotten how to make good multiplayer.

In a battle on a narrow bridge, you should be careful – an extra step to the side threatens to fall. There are enough places like this on every map.

anti-wrinkle medicine

Although formally the “beta” was closed, it was not difficult for anyone to get the coveted key – access was willingly distributed by both the publishers themselves and third-party resources, and each test participant had the opportunity to give three invitations to friends. Unsurprisingly, the influx of players was quite decent, but the Ubisoft servers coped with it perfectly – with the exception of occasional maintenance breaks, there were no serious technical problems in the test version.

Despite the fact that we are promised a full-fledged campaign, only multiplayer was available in the “beta”. As for the story mode, there are still few specifics about it. Judging by the introductory video, a certain cataclysm struck the planet, destroying the usual way of life. Empires have fallen, and on their ruins an endless battle for survival unfolded, where every man is for himself. Many years later, three factions – knights, vikings and samurai – fight to the death for the few resources left after the death of civilization. So far, no one can either take the upper hand or come to some kind of peace agreement.

Everything seems to be simple, but in the same video a transparent hint is given to a certain fourth side, which is just the same beneficial strife. It is quite possible that this mysterious force will become the main enemy in the campaign, although it will not do without battles with all the others.

Samurai, knights and Vikings are very recognizable and similar to their historical prototypes – real warriors of those countries and eras. Adjusted for the excessive pretentiousness of armor and weapons, I really wanted to make the appearance and behavior of the fighters “cooler” too much. The desire is quite understandable, although it caused justified criticism from lovers of realism. However, looking for realism in this game is a thankless task: here in the first place are colorful and pretentious battles, and not coinciding with the original knightly armor.

Nevertheless, the authors have not slipped to a very overbearing cranberry – the balance between spectacularity and reliability of battles has been observed. Not in the loser and lovers of “blood”: decapitations, brutal finishing and other attributes of the genre on the spot – a special thanks to the developers for not stopping this important aspect for the sake of the age rating.

There are enough color options for armor, but only a few heroes can change the gender.

The art of battle

Ubisoft decided to move away from the standard controls in such games (as, for example, in Mount & Blade: Warband or War of the Roses) and came up with their own system called Art of Battle, which is based on combat stances. The main three are right, left and top. By choosing one of them, we determine the variant of a possible strike and at the same time defend ourselves from an enemy attack from this direction. A blow in the left stance pierces the right and top stances of the opponent, a blow in the right – the left and top, and so on. It is necessary to guess the moment when the enemy will open from a certain side, and strike precisely in an unprotected area, without missing a retaliatory attack.

At first glance, everything is simple, even primitive, but it wasn’t there: not only do the stances change very quickly, and the enemy can dodge or block the blow, there are also many combinations, without which you can’t defeat a skilled opponent. In addition, the heroes here turned out to be really different: it’s easier for someone to block a blow, and for someone to dodge, someone relies on brute force and breaking through enemy blocks, and someone – on strikes from afar and weak, but frequent attacks. Watching the battle of high-level players is a pleasure: the outcome of the battle can be decided by any wrong move, any confident feint or skillful use of the features of the map (for example, it is convenient for a Viking hero to push opponents into the abyss, so his opponent should not come close to break).

It can be seen that the developers were trying to find a balance between the purely mechanical skill of pressing the mouse or gamepad buttons at the right time and the ability to predict the opponent’s actions, build their tactics based on the strengths and weaknesses of the hero. Whether they succeeded in doing this is too early to judge, but already on the second day of the beta test, only very green newcomers could be defeated by “clicking”. Sometimes I had to strain my brain a little, which, however, did not in any way negate the need to have quick hands and a keen eye.

Both me and the enemy will only need one hit to win. Such moments are the most “delicious” thing in this game.

I’m going to you

During testing, nine heroes were available (three for each faction), six maps and three modes – one on one, paired duels and four on four. The most massive fun looks surprisingly boring. Capturing points with the help of waves of respawning weak bots, killed with one kick, leaves almost no opportunity for an individual fighter to show their skills. Extras constantly literally get underfoot, including being exposed to the blows of allies, key points randomly change hands, and there is simply no place for honest duels. As soon as you start fighting with another player, comrades come to help him or you, and then the battle turns into beating one with two or three.

When one of the teams scores more than a thousand points, the second loses the ability to respawn – this is where the highlight of this mode comes into play. Back to back, the defenders are trying with all their might not to die, or at least take as many enemies as possible with them to the grave … But, frankly, not everyone wants to endure a dozen or two minutes of obscure running around the battlefield for this.

But with duels, both single and double, everything is much more interesting. In a one-on-one battle, everything is clear – five rounds to three victories, where no one and nothing interferes with determining the winner. The strongest wins, and nothing else. Here you have to show all your skills in managing the chosen hero.

Two-on-two fights are practically the same, but adjusted for the fact that now it’s not enough to defeat your opponent – if an ally died the death of the brave, you will have to fight with his opponent. However, nothing prevents two people from attacking one: even if at first the duelists start in pairs, each opposite their opponent (in the next round, the pairs change places), it is quite possible to have time to run to a friend who has already joined the battle. However, such behavior is not at all welcome – if you have defeated the enemy, it is considered good form to wait for the outcome of the second fight, and not to finish off the last opponent with a mean stab in the back. This is an independent initiative of the players, the developers do not push them to such actions, which is why it is doubly pleasant to meet a worthy opponent in battle who remembers exactly what this game is called.

The red arrow indicates from which side the next blow will be struck. If I manage to block or dodge, then there will be a chance for a counterattack.

Armored bra haute couture

Separately, it is worth mentioning the “Military Conflict” – a global network campaign, within which battles take place in all other modes. It is a map divided into areas for which three factions are fighting. After winning the battle, you can distribute the received resources by selecting one of these areas. The more influence one of the parties has, the more likely it is that at the end of the turn (apparently, in the release version, the turn will last from several hours to a day) it will capture this part of the map. At the end of the season, the results of the war are summed up and each of the campaign participants receives a reward, whose size is proportional to his contribution to the victory – if, of course, his side managed to win.

Once there is production, then it can be spent on something. With this, For Honor is definitely all right – the “customization” of characters for money and experience is at the highest level here. Drawings and colors for coats of arms, various armor and weapons, paints for armor, skills of heroes… If you wish, you can “customize” anyone you like – and this wealth is available now, and what will happen after the release! In the future, expect many additions that add even more content like this. Fans of dressing up in medieval armor of varying degrees of pathos should be pleased, since the graphics here are very, very good. A knight clad in iron from top to toe looks very impressive, as, indeed, a Viking with an ax at the ready or an Asian katana master. With all this, the game does not set any sky-high requirements for hardware.

This is what the map of the “Military conflict” mode looks like.


After the “beta” there is every reason to believe that the creation of Ubisoft is waiting for well-deserved success. An unhackneyed theme, great graphics and animation, an original combat system are already here, and the interest of the public suggests that For Honor is exactly what a mass player needs, who wants to wave a sword from the heart and solve a long-standing dispute: what is better – “two-handed or a katana? Nevertheless, this same audience may quickly cool off to the new product if the developers do not support it by adding fresh modes, maps and heroes.

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