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The gameplay is conditionally divided into two parts: day and night. During the daytime, the hero must build fortress walls, restore destroyed buildings and improve weapons. All this is necessary for defense against a bunch of dangerous creatures that appear on the horizon after sunset. The main task of the player is to protect the forge; if the hero is defeated, then the military campaign will begin anew.

Build Mode

Building in Forge Defense involves the construction of a variety of towers and fortified structures that prevent enemies from entering the fortress. To build fortifications, the user needs to go to the store, purchase the desired object and place it on the map in a suitable place. As the level increases, the hero will be able to unlock structures with the maximum resistance indicator.

It should be noted that the structures in the game are divided into two categories – defensive and attacking. They are located in different sections of the purchase menu and, in some cases, can only be ordered in one place. In addition, the player can quickly build walls by clicking on a special line near the fortress.

Survival Features

To buy and build towers, the strategy uses coins that fall out of the body of a destroyed enemy. Coins can also be obtained for completing tasks or as a bonus. The main currency in Forge Defense is blue gems, while green gems are gems. For green diamonds, the player can purchase the most durable towers and walls – however, it will take a lot of time to accumulate gems.

As soon as day turns into night, construction stops and the battle with evil spirits begins. Zombies, creepers, skeletons and other evil spirits are attacking the fortress in waves, which becomes stronger with each new round. Enemies are able to completely destroy a fortified structure or leave serious damage on it, subsequently requiring repair. At the same time, fiery projectiles can fly from the forge in the direction of the enemy – they harm the monsters and eliminate them.

The advent of a new day marks the transition to the active phase of recovery. As soon as the hordes of enemies subsided from the walls of the fortress, the player needs to repair the towers. Renovation of structures allows not only to preserve the architecture of the castle, but also to save a sufficient amount of money. If all the fortifications remain intact, and there is no longer room for new towers, the player can buy additional land and place the next row of fortress walls there.

Additional features

Boosters have been added to Forge Defense as an added bonus, with which you can destroy opponents, increase the defense of the fortress, increase the range and power of shooting, and also completely skip the night (if the player has not had time to recover). Boosters differ in cost and duration – all additional information about bonuses can be found by clicking on the question icon.

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