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Forge of Empires is an exciting strategy game that combines city builder, political negotiator, merchant simulator and military strategy.

Forge of Empires Codes 1.240.14
List of CodesExpiration date
EBAP15TS469July 13, 2022
JNRPBS0EVTAugust 31, 2022
L1KSJV6BTAugust 30, 2022
7QCK2UIH6JRAugust 28, 2022
Q658G0DTNPLZJuly 30, 2022
RGZ3TKP0YUVAugust 8, 2022

Nice graphics that do not hurt the eyes, as is usually the case in such games. Convenient and simple controls will help you quickly get used to this game, and even despite the incredible number of various possibilities, you won’t have to learn for a long time.

You will be asked to take under your wing a run-down village, in which before you it was the floor of the house. But under your strict guidance, this village should grow into a large and beautiful city. Oh yes, this is a game in which you have to go through the centuries and starting with almost stone people – move into the world of modernity.

Participate in the battles for the lands, setting your own rules in the district and warning everyone that you are serious about becoming the ruler of local and adjacent lands, because you are not used to being content with bits and half-kingdoms, you need everything at once. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to work out right away, but that’s all – it’s good for you. You are not limited in any way in territories and actions. The main thing is to never forget to learn new technologies so as not to be left alone with your stone ax when all the neighbors are already driving cars and firing guns.

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