Codes New - Updated on July 13, 2022

Forgotten Tales RPG is something familiar, but long forgotten, something that I once really liked, but then lost sight of and went into oblivion.

List of Codes Expiration date
G3MDPEUY75O August 16, 2022
ZXTWO0LD4C August 17, 2022
5EG6L701T August 13, 2022
8I27C1EQHFV September 11, 2022
2BO39J4CWU1N September 1, 2022
D2F1P85EZSH July 23, 2022

Meet the game made in a classic, one might even say old-school design and style. This is the RPG that was played for hours and days in youth and childhood, when the gaming industry in the computer industry was just beginning to develop. And despite the quality of the graphics, this game wants to be played and will be played by millions, because these are pleasant memories for gamers.

The game will give you many hours of wandering through vast forests, deserts and dungeons, hopeless clouds of enemies that will fall from everywhere, and just as quickly scatter from your skills. Roam the world, complete quests and storylines. Meet a variety of characters, both good and evil, from knights to dragons. Learn ancient magic that will help you fight hordes of enemies and foes. Search and find a variety of chests, and break them open in the hope of finding treasures.

Choose your character class for further play, get briefed and go on a long hike for many hours, upgrade your character and learn new, more powerful skills and spells. Dress up in different types of armor, which you can only find in the vastness of this wonderful world. Just enjoy the game.

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