Forgotten Throne Promo Codes [2024 July]

Updated on July 5, 2024

Forgotten Throne codes are elusive secrets hidden within the game, waiting to be discovered by savvy players. These codes unlock special items, abilities, and shortcuts that can give you a crucial edge in your quest to claim the throne. From mythical weapons to rare artifacts, the rewards are worth uncovering. So keep your eyes peeled, explore every corner of the realm, and unravel the mysteries of the Forgotten Throne codes to reign supreme.

New valid for Forgotten Throne Promo Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Crown of Power 2. Bag of Gold 3. Diamond Necklace 4. Enchanted Sword
Get Code 1. Enchanted sword 2. Pouch of gold coins 3. Diamond necklace 4. Crystal-studded crown 5. Ancient amulet
Get Code 1. Enchanted sword, shimmering with ancient power 2. Bag of gold coins overflowing with wealth 3. Crown of sparkling diamonds fit for a king

Forgotten Throne Tier List

Here is a tier list description for the game "Forgotten Throne":

S Tier:
- The Legendary Warriors: These brave and powerful heroes are the strongest units in the game, possessing unmatched strength, skills, and abilities. They are the key to victory in any battle and are highly sought after by players.

A Tier:
- Elite Knights: These noble and skilled warriors are highly proficient in combat and are essential for any successful army composition. They possess strong defensive capabilities and can turn the tide of battle with their strategic prowess.

B Tier:
- Swift Assassins: These agile and deadly assassins excel at taking down high-priority targets and disrupting enemy formations. While not as durable as other units, their speed and precision make them valuable assets on the battlefield.

C Tier:
- Arcane Wizards: The spellcasters of the game, Arcane Wizards are capable of unleashing powerful magical attacks and providing support to their allies. While their abilities are potent, they are vulnerable to enemy attacks and require protection to reach their full potential.

D Tier:
- Foot Soldiers: The backbone of any army, foot soldiers are reliable but lack the special skills and abilities of other units. While they may not stand out individually, they are essential for maintaining a strong frontline and supporting more specialized units.

F Tier:
- Peasant Recruits: The weakest units in the game, peasant recruits lack combat training and are easily overwhelmed in battle. While they can be used in large numbers to swarm enemies, they are generally considered expendable and are often replaced by stronger units as the game progresses.

Overall, mastering the strengths and weaknesses of each unit in Forgotten Throne is key to achieving success on the battlefield. Players who can effectively strategize and coordinate their units will rise through the ranks and claim victory in this epic fantasy world.

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