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Our world desperately lacks beautiful fairy tales, where a scientist cat roams the trees, where you can drink tea with the March Hare or chat with a funny talking floor lamp on philosophical topics. And then save the world. But there are such tales in video games – for example, in Forgotton Anne.

Anna in the neck

The action of the game takes place just in such a fairy tale, where forgotten things fall from the world of people (or rather, with screams fall through a hole in the sky). Here, thanks to an energy called anima, they come to life – all those socks, toys, hats, radios, boxes, suitcases, loudspeakers and who knows what else, thrown away or forgotten under the bed or somewhere else, live, communicate, work and make plans for the future.

And the plans are mainly related to returning to the world of people through a certain mythical bridge. It is built by Master Bonku, the ruler of these magical lands, and the lovely girl Anna, for whom we play, helps him. Anna is a kind of chief police officer (Enforcer), a servant of the law and a conductor of Bonku’s will.

When the rebels stage an attack, trying to blow up the bridge and sabotage other businesses (and there are workshops, and railway stations, and the city theater), it is Anna who goes to investigate this case in order to find the terrorist leader and bring him to justice.

In the process, she is free to use all means, up to the destruction of any talking boot, jug or floor lamp, if he is suspected of betrayal – for this, she draws anima energy from him. In addition, the girl communicates a lot, conducts interrogations, identifies traitors – and sometimes the content of some of the following scenes depends on the choice of replicas. Who will she want to meet again – with her mother, who lives somewhere in the real world, or with Master Bonku, who has also become family to her?

Forgotton Anne game review

Anime fans, enjoy!

And think and laugh

The story in Forgotton Anne is more complex than it first appears. Who are Anna and Bonku, how did they get into the world of forgotten radio tape recorders and lampshades? It is full of intrigues, and the secret will surely become clear, turning everything upside down and forcing you to take a different look at what seemed to be an indisputable truth. But even after that, no one will offer the right path – in the final, Anna herself will determine with whom she is, how the fate of this magical world and herself will turn out. Trembling lips, a treacherous tear in the corner of your eyes and the feeling that you are experiencing real emotions are guaranteed in any case …

In this sense, Forgotton Anne is a lot like The Whispered World quest from Daedalic Entertainment. Moreover, it is also beautifully voiced and beautifully drawn, and the magnificent animated inserts are somewhat reminiscent of the work of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki).

And most importantly, this is the same touching, but at the same time an adult story about the adventures of a child in a magical world, which raises quite serious, almost philosophical questions. And he easily combines this with humor, irony and the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful characters. The police inspector here is a walking pistol named Magnum, which is constantly chased by a funny camera that takes pictures of everything around as if he was filming evidence at a crime scene. At some point, Anna and her new friend put on a hilarious theatrical performance in front of them, playing the scene of the execution of the villain. In general, there are no less reasons to smile than reasons to be sad, touched, admired or think about something important.

Forgotton Anne game review

Some scenes seem to have migrated here from Hollywood action movies.

Anima here, anima there

There are also many reasons to test your platforming instincts and exercise your gray matter a little by solving puzzles from time to time. Yes, Forgotton Anne is a puzzle platformer. We often have to jump from a running start, pull ourselves up, grab someone’s hand to be thrown higher, and even take off on wings. No, our Anna is not an angel – she just has her own mechanical wings that work on the energy of the anima, which acts as a life-giving force in this world.

With her help, filling special containers, our heroine can activate different systems, turn on/off electricity, and so on. If we run out of energy, then it can be taken from the same containers. Almost all puzzles are built on this simple dualism. Shuffling the anima, we activate something, open it, switch it, repair it, start the elevators and raise the platforms, overload the systems so that the door falls off or, for example, the train engine explodes.

Nothing particularly difficult, but there are some really interesting puzzles. In the case of the same train, the braking system must first be activated. And for this you have to act very quickly: first, with the help of the anima, we correctly switch the valves, supplying energy to one of the three levers, press them, freeing the passage for the brake rod, repeat this three times, and then quickly run and pull the other lever so that this rod managed to get through.

Of course, puzzle mechanics are often repeated, and other puzzle variations are rare. Anna does not open any special new abilities in the course of passing and does not pump in any way. There are no metroidvania elements either.

Forgotton Anne game review

You have to jump a lot, but there is no special hardcore here.


You can, of course, blame the game for some monotony and simplicity, but, I repeat, Forgotton Anne relies on a story that will make you smile, be touched, surprised, think and empathize. First of all, this is a beautiful and touching tale that speaks to us about love for others, selfishness and self-sacrifice.

Pros: the atmosphere of a fabulous adventure; unique setting; wonderful characters; the ability to make decisions that affect what is happening; there are really interesting puzzles; chic animation style; wonderful music.

Cons: in the puzzles and the platform part, some monotony is felt.

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