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Aaryn Flynn worked at BioWare since 2000 and eventually took over as general manager. In 2017, he left the studio and is now working on his own game – lamp fantasy. Nightingale. However, in a recent interview, Flynn returned to the past and reflected a little on the topic of problems Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Inquisition encountered major difficulties in production. Many of them are related to the Frostbite engine – the technology was not adapted to RPGs with spacious locations.

Redesigning the engine so that RPG elements could be introduced into it was a serious challenge. We had to make compromises and do things that we didn’t want to do, but needed because of technical limitations. However, the team found surprisingly smart and competent ways around whenever possible. I haven’t touched Frostbite in five years and I can’t say how it’s doing now, but I still see bugs that players write in different games and say: “Oh, how sad.”

Mark Darra, former executive producer, said something like this: “Frostbite knows nothing about the player or health.” When we encountered some limitations, we exclaimed in surprise and said that we would have to fix it ourselves.

Aarin Flynn

But probably the biggest compromises came from the fact that we had to release Inquisition on Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same time as PS4 and Xbox One. It crushed a lot of ambition because we didn’t have enough developers or time to do things differently. I had to work for the lowest common denominator. Along with this, we had to abandon some of the ideas that we prepared for cool gameplay features.

In contrast to this CD Project did not [цепляться за Xbox 360 и PS3] in The Witcher 3 and went to release just a few months later. In my opinion, the game benefited from this.

There is another thing that Flynn regrets. He is proud of what he has achieved BioWare in Inquisitiongiven all the complicating circumstances, but admits that he should have better communicated the problems of the team to higher authorities.

I am a programmer, but I underestimated the difficulties that Frostbite has imposed on our developers. I wish I could communicate these issues more clearly to senior management. SHE. Too bad I didn’t realize how much resistance the engine created when we were trying to build a completely different type of game on top of it. Now all this is in the news and in the press, so I understand the scale of the problem, but I guess I should have done better. For example, I could stress that I have a lot of experience in software engineering, and not rely only on the minds of our engineers – they say, we will figure it out along the way, as we figured it out in the past.

Flynn has talked about problems with Frostbite before. His new game Nightingale runs on Unreal Engine – this engine is famous for its flexibility and friendliness, so with it, most likely, there will be no Frostbite-level difficulties.

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