Codes New - Updated on July 14, 2022

The game is far from new, but no less interesting from this. Fort Conquer is one of the old representatives of the wall-to-wall strategic genre, in which you have to defeat and destroy enemy castles, skillfully and competently distributing your forces and capabilities. Your fighters can be sent into battle along different lines, meeting enemies marching towards your castle and shattering their dreams of a glorious victory.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
V5EMO0SIRD7 July 14, 2022
IVSE5M3ZOF July 21, 2022
CJ4F0S8H2 August 25, 2022
EXK6RWZV4D9 August 15, 2022
P40C62SIY7DX August 11, 2022
LUSB3IKVFCM August 31, 2022

The forces of evil, which were once driven back and expelled from their lands, where good invaders now flourish, have gathered strength and strengthened in order to return and claim their rights to their native land. Will you be able to resist the hordes of hellish monsters, who were once terribly insulted, and now going to take revenge on everyone who meets on their land.

In the intervals between battles, as usual, you will be given the opportunity to improve or upgrade your warriors or castle, as well as purchase new ones. The game offers a huge selection of warriors, from warriors with a sword to, attention, dragons. Which, by the way, do not shine with special talents, especially in battles with other dragons.

A good old-school time-killer is offered by the developers, who have tried to revive the old game as best as possible, and turning it into a new and interesting one.

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