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Despite the fact that Fortnite combines elements of many popular projects, calling it a copy of something specific is not easy. Yes, there are zombies, “crafting”, construction, a set of various heroes, “pumping”, procedural generation of worlds and much more. However, the game looks original, and therefore during the passage there is no thought that all this has already been done. And so far, having spent about forty hours in Fortnite, I don’t even think about parting with it, although it has several obvious flaws.Fortnite game review

Chests are usually very well hidden – you have to literally destroy houses and explore every corner.

Break and build

At this stage, the game is in early access – you can try it out only with the purchase of any of the paid editions. Next year, Fortnite will be distributed on a shareware model, but for now, users voluntarily agree to a kind of beta testing. Developers from Epic Games read reviews, actively communicate with the audience on social networks and promise to make the necessary corrections in the coming months.

But even in its current form, Fortnite is fully playable and offers hundreds of hours of unique content. The action takes place in a post-apocalypse – almost all of humanity died due to the attack of husks, and only a handful of survivors can cope with the storms that bring this evil with them. The main character will have to gather an army of followers and deal with monsters with his own hands, trying to stop their onslaught and save the lives of his comrades. And the passage begins with a very long tutorial, in which almost all the possibilities are explained step by step.

Here one of the main shortcomings of the game becomes noticeable – a terribly overloaded interface, reminiscent of the cockpit in an airplane. The creators themselves have already announced in an open letter that this is only a very early version, and therefore everything will become clearer over time. But so far, the multitude of buttons, tabs, and text are literally dazzling. Sooner or later, you start to understand the interface: here you can change the main character, here you can “pump” him with the help of experience points, then there are drawings of traps and weapons, and next to it is a collection book where you put trash. The developers seem to be trying to explain everything slowly, but you have to guess a lot yourself.

During the execution of missions, everything is much clearer, and conditionally, each outing can be divided into several stages. If the task involves protecting an object from a zombie attack, most often it needs to be discovered first. Therefore, players begin to rush around the map and collect resources along the way, and someone goes in search of treasure chests or survivors in order to save them. When an object is found, the construction of fortifications around it begins, and then the mission participants themselves determine when they are ready to defend themselves. If you do everything relatively quickly (within two in-game days), you will get bonus points for this and the reward for completing the task will be more generous.

Fortnite game review

The location is full of optional mini-tasks, like building buildings according to the blueprint.

Personally, building has never seemed to me an insanely interesting activity, and therefore for all these days I have built only a couple of buildings. Their number could be zero (if you do not take into account your own base, where there is no selection of players, and therefore you have to do everything yourself), but several times I came across “randoms” like me – the second day was already coming to an end, and they kept running from corner to corner and did nothing. Fortunately, installing walls and laying floors is not difficult: with the click of a button, you open the construction menu, there you choose what exactly you want to do, and also specify the material (brick, wood, and so on). Traps are placed in a similar way, and editing allows you to cut windows and doors in a second, modify stairs, or make a small barricade instead of a whole wall.

Safe and sound

At first, traps and massive structures are of no use at all. There are catastrophically few zombies, they manage to deal with everyone with the help of firearms or melee weapons, and teamwork is often not needed at all – husks appear in the same places and do not live long. Because of this, there is a feeling that Fortnite is completely out of balance and a large part of the available game mechanics is absolutely useless. But later, when missions with a higher level of difficulty become available, everything falls into place. The walls are rapidly collapsing due to zombies throwing projectiles from afar. Traps do not last long, as they wear out, and the crowds of creatures are too large. In general, putting four walls around a defended object is no longer enough.

At the same time, the main character becomes stronger, which can be changed depending on the preferred class. There are ordinary warriors – strong characters throwing grenades to clear a small location from several husks. There are ninjas who can double jump and throw shurikens every five seconds. Travelers are suitable for those who prefer to search for rare resources and treasure chests. And the designers are better than anyone else in building bases and strengthening them. Regardless of what the player likes to do, he will be able to find a hero to his liking and get nice bonuses to damage or speed of building fortifications.

Fortnite game review

The further you go, the fatter and more dangerous the enemies become.

But in order to open access to difficult missions and improve the character, only completing tasks is not enough. You need to develop your group of survivors, dividing them into categories, investing hundreds of experience points in them and carefully considering which of them will fit best where – in a battle group or a squad of military doctors. You never see them in the game itself, but they give impressive bonuses to the characteristics. Although this system can cause a lot of questions for the player, at least it looks original. In Fortnite, you can’t earn levels just by mindlessly completing missions one after the other. But if the outing ended in the success of the team, everyone will be given a couple of points for the skill tree, and a handful of useful resources. And in some cases, virtual currency for buying piñatas.

money question

Piñatas are the same containers, boxes with “loot” as in other online games. They contain randomly generated loot, including survivors, blueprints for weapons and traps, defenders for the base, and other bonuses. Heroes also drop out of them – you can get their regular versions as you progress through the campaign, and extremely rare ones (with much better characteristics) cannot be found outside of piñatas. This element of Fortnite does not seem to be entirely thought out so far, as the quality of the player’s equipment depends almost entirely on their luck. We managed to find a lot of strong defenders and squad leaders in the piñatas – great. High-quality drawings of powerful shotguns and pistols fell out – cool. Almost immediately, a collection of playable characters was assembled – wonderful. But if nothing useful falls out, then small problems begin, and even if you pay real money for a pack of piñatas, you cannot guarantee that you will receive something useful.

The microtransaction system was not the best in Paragon when the game was in Early Access, and the developers at Epic Games were relatively quick to respond to user feedback. For sure, the same thing will happen in the case of Fortnite, but for now you have to put up with the almost complete lack of opportunities to earn in-game currency – V-bucks. When the training ends, during which these bucks are given out quite generously, the dailys become the only stable source of income. For their completion, they give fifty units of currency, and one piñata costs a hundred, so it is only possible to acquire another “loot box” every two days. Periodically, there are missions on the map where bucks are prizes, but there are literally a few of them.

Fortnite game review

Ordinary piñatas, when hit, can turn into silver and gold – with very high quality trophies.

And the problem here is not the greed of the players and the desire to get as many bonuses as possible, but the fact that piñata trophies are literally necessary for passing. If you don’t notice this in the training location and nothing prevents you from using “green” weapon blueprints, later “pumping” and creating everything in a row requires really big investments. A simple example is that you can level up a hero or survivor to ten by simply investing experience in it, and after that you need to spend a training manual on each of them. It is issued upon dismissal of an already “pumped” person, and you can imagine how many resources and hours you will have to spend on improving your characteristics to complete difficult missions. Develop weak survivors, receive benefits from them, earn experience – if there are few piñatas and it is almost impossible to buy them, it becomes not so fun to play.

There are other disadvantages as well. For example, access to the inventory is not allowed outside of missions – if a cool shotgun fell out in a piñata and you want to “craft” it as soon as possible, you either have to wait for the next task or load your base, spending too much time on the simplest task. Another flaw is related to the wear and tear of weapons – if you use your machine gun or ax for too long, at some point it will break, and as a result, the player will not receive any resources. But if you take it apart when it is almost worn out, you will be able to recover a couple of the materials from which it was once made. It doesn’t look quite logical – after all, if the item is broken, at least something should remain after it.

Fortnite game review

When you get tired of shooting, you can scatter opponents with melee weapons.


But everyone who buys Fortnite now knows what they are signing up for. The game is in early access for a reason, and a lot has not yet been brought to mind. From the passage you get great pleasure, and to understand all the subtleties is really exciting. And thanks to procedural generation, even “farm” missions do not get bored – they differ from each other, as they always look different. But some solutions, including those related to microtransactions, are still puzzling, and the interface cannot be called convenient. It will be very interesting to see what the project will turn into in six months. If at least some of the shortcomings are fixed, Fortnite will have a chance to become one of the best shareware games of this generation.

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