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Battle Royale Fortnite is famous not only for regular updates and dances, because of which forgotten artists are suing Epic Games, but also for all sorts of original modes. Although the main audience spends time in the usual “piano”, falling out of the bus and trying to stay alive until the very end, part of the audience tries not to participate in all this because of the intricate construction. These players are sure to love the Endgame LTM, which was co-created with Marvel for the world premiere of the new Avengers movie. And to roughly imagine the unpleasant conditions in which it was created, read our recent article on this topic.

Time to collect stones

This isn’t the first time Marvel heroes have appeared in Fortnite. About a year ago, Thanos entered the game, but then the special temporary mode was almost identical to the regular Battle Royale. All participants jumped out, collected weapons and shields, when suddenly Thanos’ glove fell from the sky – whoever picked it up automatically became a powerful supervillain. When Thanos was killed, the same glove remained in his place, and everyone tried to pick it up as soon as possible. This continued until the very end.

This time the format has changed – now it’s a battle between two teams. On one side stands a detachment of superheroes dressed in ordinary costumes, on the other – an army of alien Chitauri werewolves serving Thanos. Throughout the match, six Infinity Stones rain down on the ground. The Chitauri must capture them, and the superheroes must protect the Stones and leave at least one untouched.

Oddly enough, the idea is implemented perfectly – this mode fits perfectly into Fortnite and will surely captivate even users who are far from this game. There is no need for construction at all. Or rather, it is necessary, but very little – to literally place several walls around each of the stones, so that it would be more difficult for enemies to reach them. But this task can be entrusted to other players, carefully watching to see if anyone has climbed into this mini-fortress. To pick up a stone, you have to hold the button for five seconds – enough time for the superheroes to react to the appearance of a villain.

Fortnite Endgame - Superheroes, Fun, No Building

Seconds to chaos.

wall to wall

Match participants are assigned to teams automatically – you cannot choose a side. If you happen to be a Chitauri, you will initially have a laser rifle and an energy grenade launcher in your arsenal. The first shoots like a regular machine gun, the second accumulates a charge and shoots a ball of energy, which allows you to quickly destroy buildings. Also in the inventory of each villain is a jetpack – hold down the jump button and fly high above the ground, reaching hills or climbing trees. After a few seconds of flight, the satchel recharges.

The Avengers are a little more fun, because they are superheroes with unique weapons. After jumping from the bus, players will find a map in their inventory – fly to the desired point, dig out the chest and find the treasure there. It can be Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Thunderaxe, Iron Man’s repulsors, or Hawkeye’s bow – as you’re lucky. You can carry all these types of weapons with you, but it will be difficult to find them – they are all hidden in the same chests, and nowhere is it said in which locations they need to be looked for. The easiest way is to negotiate with friends so that they give you all their goodness, but in this case they will hardly be interested in playing.

All of these weapons provide players with unusual skills. The Thunderaxe can be thrown, after which it will return to the hand, like the Leviathan from God of War. And if you swing the ax in the air, the character will make a long jump and hit the ground hard. With the help of a bow, it will be possible not only to shoot, but also to overcome short distances, clinging to stones, rocks and trees. With repulsors, you can fly high (this is the only accessory for superheroes that makes them look like chitauri) and fire projectiles. The least lucky are those who have a shield – you either throw it forward, or hide behind it from bullets. The first is boring due to low damage to trees and buildings, and the second negatively affects the dynamics.

Fortnite Endgame - Superheroes, Fun, No Building

Thanos returns quickly and, as before, is marked on the compass.

And the dynamics in this mode is quite high. At first, everything here is as slow as in a regular battle royale, since the teams will not meet each other until they cross the line marked on the map. But the smaller the circle becomes (and it shrinks quickly), the more people come face to face in an attempt to take or protect the Stones. When only two Stones remain on the map, a complete mess begins: some build fortifications, others jump from one hill to another with repulsors or bows, others exchange fire, take high positions, fly with jetpacks, sit in trees. And if the tree is destroyed and the character falls down, nothing will happen – there is no fall damage in this mode.

The biggest plus of the “Endgame” in Fortnite is the ability to respawn ten seconds after death. The Chitauri have a resurrection limit (which is so high that it is almost invisible until the very end), and the Avengers can return to the battlefield until they lose all the Stones. If you use the hang glider in time after the revival, you will be able to immediately return to your original place and continue what you started – take a position and complete the main task, destroying the enemy team along the way. Therefore, in the second half of the match there are no moments when you have nothing to do – everywhere there is shooting, roar and chaos.

Don’t snap your fingers

Against the backdrop of all this, the main star – Thanos seems far from being such an interesting character as a year ago. The first Chitauri who touches the Stone will immediately turn into Thanos, and if they die, another random player will become them after a few seconds. His abilities are still the same as before: high jump, ground slam and a laser that burns even superheroes in a split second. However, now it seems more fragile than before – after all, when everyone plays for themselves, many people do not gather in one place. And here there were cases when Thanos, even in the middle of the match, was surrounded by ten people, because of which he fell apart instantly. Or just villains came across inept.Fortnite Endgame - Superheroes, Fun, No Building

Anyone can get such a hang glider for free.

Thanos’ strength depends on which Stones his minions have collected. With yellow, the height of his jumps is doubled, with purple, the damage from the laser is increased, and with orange, the Absorption skill is activated, restoring the character’s shields after each kill. The Red Stone is also useful – it doubles Thanos’ health. And blue and green affect the strength of the swings, the ability to knock back enemies hit by them, as well as the area affected by ground strikes. Not all Stones are equally useful, but a successful combination will allow the character to withstand more hits and stay in line longer if he actively kills opponents.

It’s fun to play all this, also because many new mechanics have been added, which will probably disappear after the end of the event. Everything feels especially fresh if you previously spent a lot of time in normal mode, steaming up with a construction site, suffering from “bloom” when shooting and swearing at random damage from shotguns. There is none of the above at all: Chitauri rifles deal so much damage that you don’t even regret misses, especially with their mobility. And throwing the Thunder-axe and flying with repulsors does not bother you for a long time, especially when you finally understand all the subtleties.

It’s also great that for participation in this mode they give small free bonuses. Almost all of them, unfortunately, are useless: the battle pass experience, graffiti, profile flag and emote stickers are unlikely to be useful to anyone. But if you complete all the tests for the remaining week, you can get the Quinjet hang glider from the same Avengers with an unusual effect when deployed. The tests are very easy: deal damage with one weapon or another, participate in matches, and collect Stones – for sure, everything will be completed in one day, when they all open.

Almost like God of War, only without a son.


Overall, Endgame turned out to be a great mode that I would recommend trying even for those who have never played Fortnite. It has almost nothing in common with the main game: here weapons are used differently, and not those who play for more than a year and build castles in five seconds win. This is a separate entertainment, very fun, dynamic and sometimes even spectacular. Still, it’s a pity that last year’s mode was not returned – although it did not do without small problems with the balance, it was fun to fight for Thanos’s glove. Here, Thanos faded into the background, but otherwise everything only got better.

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