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If you are one of those who do not like fiddling with buildings in Fortnitethen you will like the beginning of the next season – “Insurrection”. No more fortresses that your opponent builds in a nanosecond – they suggest using extended parkour instead.

Most likely, the buildings did not disappear forever, but only for a while. Why this happened, see below in the story trailer “Rebellion”. We list a number of key features of the season:

  • To increase protection while there are no buildings, the super shield mechanic has appeared in the gameplay. It is spent first (before normal shields and health are taken away), and is also restored, even if at some point it drops to zero.
  • An extended movement system has been introduced. The character grabs onto ledges and the default movement speed has been increased. Running has also become faster – so much so that the character removes everything that he holds in his hands, and the duration of the run is limited. You can now throw open doors with your shoulder while running or slide into them.

New movement system.

  • Areas of the island may be under the control of two opposing groups. Depending on who is currently at the location, you can, for example, find an armored combat bus or face a titan.
  • There were airships – a kind of air areas. They allow you to get there from the ground – the airships are moored on ziplines.
  • A fresh battle pass has launched. Among others there is Doctor Strange.
  • New guns and attachments have been introduced, and several old guns have returned to the game from storage.

All the details about the season changes “Insurrection” (including balance changes) study here.

The plot trailer “Uprising”.

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