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I’m not a Minecraft fan. I haven’t played Terraria, and in Fallout 4 the last thing I wanted to do was build my own home. Going to the presentation of Fortnite, a project that is positioned as a competitor to the creation of Markus Persson (Markus Persson), I did not expect anything special.

After three hours of play, the guys from SoftClub barely managed to tear me away from the computer.

Fortnite Review

Such “palaces” can be built in Fortnite.

Orcs are alive!

No miracle happened, just my expectations were lowered by not quite the right idea about the genre of the project. If the next sentence gives you a hint of nostalgic anticipation, then you should definitely read the preview. Fortnite is first of all a very correct development of the ideas of Orcs Must Die!

It is the creation of Robot Entertainment that is the closest relative of the fervent Fortnite, and not urban survival projects in which there is too much routine. If Orcs Must Die! stuffed with a full-fledged story campaign, spacious locations, co-op for four people and a whole range of “customization” elements, we get Fortnite.

With OMD! the game is related even by cartoon graphics, which does not spoil the feeling of the gameplay. On the contrary, the colorfulness and slight grotesque in the appearance of the characters emphasize the essence of the concept – this is a fun, reckless fun in which the absolute freedom of fortification is combined with hurricane action.

Pickaxe on stones

Each campaign mission throws us into a large open location. Our main goal, apart from many small tasks, is to protect the point from the paws of zombies, ready to break out of the pens at our readiness. At the preparatory stage, we must equip the area in such a way as to make life difficult for the enemy.

The main difference from the action about the orcs is that in defensive creativity we are not limited by anything – neither by space nor by the type of defensive structures. Our arsenal contains far more than just traps. First of all, we need to build a frame – walls and ceilings, that is, create our own small fort or (if we want) a majestic castle. And only then equip it with traps.

Fortnite review

If there were plants instead of people, everything would look much more organic.

The surfaces here are of three types and differ in the degree of strength: wooden, brick, metal. To create them, as well as to set traps, you need to extract resources. Absolutely all objects in the location serve as sources of these – armed with a pickaxe, we can crush a stone, cut down a tree, a bush, or scrap a car.

However, the mechanics of resource extraction cannot be called the main one in any way – this is a side activity that complements the central gameplay scenario. “Crafting” opportunities here are quite primitive, and engineering activities are subordinated to one goal – the creation of defense. There is no need to bother creating any fireplaces. Need a wooden wall – go and chop wood. Collecting resources is not a bit annoying, and when you “pump” special skills, it turns into a kind of mini-game.

That is, in the balance we have Orcs Must Die !, in which the creativity is unlimited. Careful preparation with the placement of wall stakes and electric mines is extremely exciting, because at any time we can test its effectiveness by unleashing a wave of zombies.

Break and build

The division into construction and combat stages in terms of gameplay capabilities is conditional – we can complete construction or repair fortifications even during a zombie invasion. However, the main occupation in the second stage of the game is ruthless and merciless shooting.

Without our hero, any stronghold will someday collapse. When it comes to direct defense, the unhurried tactical part turns into a frenzied shooter that flares up the very emotions of Orcs Must Die! This, on the one hand, is satisfaction from the effectiveness of your defense (“Ha ha, it’s great those three zombies were blown up by a mine!”), And on the other hand, a constant feeling that you do not have time to work on all fronts (“Ah, the creatures have already breached the east door!”).

Fortnite review

Even if you see light at the end of the tunnel, you can’t always get to it.

We have to rush from one position to another, release dozens of bursts through crowds of monsters, cut them with a katana, cover up holes in the walls … True, between the waves they give time to adjust the defense and you can exhale for a couple of seconds.

Of course, playing is much more fun in the company. And not only because it’s fun to walk together, but because the co-op here provides additional tactical opportunities.

zombies must die

As we progress, we will unlock new heroes. Each of them has its own attributes (speed, engineering), as well as various active abilities. By correctly distributing responsibilities in a group, you can significantly diversify the gameplay.

The game is full of different branches of development. You can upgrade heroes, “pump” weapons, unlock all sorts of skills, hire people into a group… It’s not so easy to understand everything, but it’s obvious that the possibilities of “customization” are huge. Just as important, Fortnite gives you motivation to develop: you really don’t know where it is better to spend free points – to speed up the extraction of resources or to strengthen some kind of trap. I want everything at once, because the improvements have really tangible effects.

Fortnite works just like Orcs Must Die!: you think through and organize your defenses, test them against monsters, and once you’re done, you crave new enemies, challenges, and challenges. But before that – the pleasant part of receiving a reward: new traps and weapons that you can’t wait to try out in practice.

The gameplay does not sag anywhere, in each of its stages you get special pleasure. And additional missions that get out of the general outline, obliging you to find something or destroy someone, add variety.

The only thing that is alarming is the publishers’ statements about the f2p status of the project. It is still difficult to say how much the rejection of in-game purchases will slow down the process, but at the initial stage, the need for cash injections was not felt at all.

Fortnite Review

It’s time to read the FAQ.


If you’ve been panting for the creation of Robot and really miss the original defensive gameplay, then Fortnite will most likely become an oasis in the desert for you. Outwardly naive, simple in mechanics, it has every chance of becoming the largest and most exciting third-person tower defense game.

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