News - Updated on March 27, 2022

The IGN website showed one of the scenes of the upcoming series based on Halo. Alas, it is unlikely that she will warm the soul of fans of the franchise – this is a boltological episode without the participation of Master Chief and Cortana.

Recall the names of the key creators of the show:

  • Directed by Otto Bathurst “Robin Hood: The Beginning”, “Peaky Blinders”).

  • Writers: Steven Kane “The Last Ship”, “Snoop”) and Kyle Killen; “Bobor”series “Awakening” 2012).

  • Master Chief – Pablo Schreiber “Orange is the hit of the season”, “American Gods”).

  • Cortana – Jen Taylor (Voice of the game character).

The plot of the series will not become part of the gaming canon and will be developed separately.

First season Halo launches March 24 on Paramount+. The series will run for at least two seasons.

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