News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Blogger Tyler McVicker is not exactly a very reliable source of information about Valve, since he takes a weighty share of his insides from datamining and twists it in his head. However, he predicted Half-Life: Alyx before its announcement, so there is a certain level of trust in it.

This time, McVicker and his comrades rummaged through the files Aperture Desk Job – a new little game from Valve, which aims to introduce people to the main features of Steam Deck. The blogger says the following (with the caveat that this data may be inaccurate or change in the future):

  • This is the most “juicy” datamining in the memory of McVicker.

  • There are four projects in the files: Citadelport CS: GO on Source 2, a variation of the previously canceled game by Portal with paints and continuation Half-Life: Alyx (a separate video will be dedicated to him).

  • Pieces of code from Citadel accompanied by a bunch of comments from the developers. In his video, McVicker quotes several comments (they are also published in this document).


Although McVicker mentions several projects, in the video he only reveals details about Citadel. It is supposed to be a hybrid shooter and RTS in the universe Half-Lifewhere the Alliance fights against the Rebels. The following is mentioned:

  • There is a division into units and classes.

  • Looks like there is a single player campaign.

  • Some of the gameplay elements are called abilities. These are weapons, weapon upgrades, alternate fire, ammo, grenades, passive upgrades for players, squads and teams, as well as active skills. Active skills can be attached to a holster, behind the back, on the head, and so on.

  • The player assumes the role of a top-down commander and launches bots. You can give commands to both a single bot and a group of bots.

  • The player can descend from heaven to earth and command the bots in a shooter format, or take the place of a bot.

  • Abilities are either there from the very beginning, or are selected during the match.

  • Bots have a certain system of attitude towards other participants, which varies from “like” to “sworn enemy”.

We can learn about other projects Valve from Aperture Desk Job, since the company collects its games in one software space, and does not split them into strictly different bases. It seems that they begin to separate one game from all the others only closer to the release, but they don’t do it very carefully – these are the pieces of the rest of the projects that remain in the code.

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