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Have you ever had a time when you just don’t have time to entertain your beloved cat? Surely this happens often. With this fact in mind, the developers of mobile applications have decided to release a new and interesting toy for cats – Friskies® Cat Fishing. All you have to do is download this application to your tablet and show it to your cat.

List of CheatsExpiration date
R4A832ZTLDNAugust 15, 2022
Q4PSHUA2VCSeptember 23, 2022
0ANGBY89QSeptember 14, 2022
OBXIUY73PGCAugust 2, 2022
GED1RA2MXYI9September 11, 2022
H48T7KJ6IFRAugust 25, 2022

After the game starts, the cat needs to tap its paws on the screen and catch a fish. She will swim in different directions, so your cat or cat will be interested. This activity will keep your pet busy for a long time, and you can do all your household chores. Just put the tablet on a flat surface near the cat and press the button to start the game. You can watch for 10 minutes how the cat copes with catching fish. After your pet catches a lot of fish, make him feel good – feed him delicious food. This will be a good motivation for a cat or cat to continue playing the application.

However, remember that the tablet should be without a plastic case, as cat claws can damage it. It is desirable that the screen was glass, then the screen will be all right. It is advisable not to download the Friskies® Cat Fishing app on your phone as there will not be enough space for the cat’s paws! Download it to your tablet and let your furry animals have fun and let you do your thing.

Download ( V2019-10-01 )
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