Codes New - Updated on December 29, 2022

From Mud to Prince: Communist is a fun mobile strategy game in which you have to become a great communist and spread the light of communism around the world. You will start your journey from the bottom, working as a corn picker in the field. Plan to seize power, acquire connections in the right circles, weave intrigues, conspiracies and do everything to achieve your goals. Use all your dictatorial abilities to seize power and further reprisals against traitors.
Game Features:

All Codes Expiration date
SXLN93AQ54W January 18, 2023
0XC7QK2J4V February 16, 2023
HMTUFJE2C February 4, 2023
3W912GH7OKB February 8, 2023
HZA57KPU2N34 January 24, 2023
C4OXBTF0JGS January 26, 2023
E8WH0NPQ3CG December 31, 2022
VIZASBG362 January 15, 2023
3KOFWXHZL January 29, 2023
W79HOG6K0SR January 8, 2023
4WKR0V8OHMXQ January 17, 2023
FZX5WR3820A February 8, 2023
  • interesting gameplay;
  • colorful design;
  • diversified development;
  • bright graphics;
  • simple and convenient control.

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