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As part of the closed beta test Overwatch 2which will begin on April 26, will feature four new PvP maps in different parts of the world. Blizzard more talked about each of them.

Plot connection

According to the developers, maps are important tools for revealing the plot. Overwatch 2. Here’s what art director Dion Rogers thinks about it:

We want players to move into the future, into the golden age of these cities. In every battlefield, we try to capture the “perfect moment” through the architecture of the city, its culture, its atmosphere, and we want it to show through in our design.


Visual Features

  • Toronto’s “New Queen Street” is filled with snow and reddened maple leaves, and the combination of different cultures in the city’s history creates a welcoming atmosphere.

  • The “Royal Circuit” in Monte Carlo is inspired by Monte Carlo’s expensive houses and prestigious races. Rich people come here to play and watch AI races.

  • The Colosseum in Rome is reminiscent of the Renaissance and ancient Roman gladiators.

  • “Midtown” in New York is characterized by huge skyscrapers and Art Deco design.

“New Queen Street”.

Maps for Onslaught

New Queen Street and Colosseum are the first maps for the new mode, Onslaught. Players find themselves on opposite sides of a symmetrical field and meet in the center to lead the robot to enemy positions. A word from Game Director Aaron Keller:

Most of the objectives for these battlegrounds are the same as the objectives of the game mode. Onslaught mode is inherently more dynamic than others like Control and Escort.

Onslaught maps are a bit more spacious than others, making it easier to flank as you need to keep an eye on multiple directions at once. The authors use several design elements to help distinguish opposite sides of locations from each other, Rogers says:

We wanted these to be small changes: for example, one half of the battlefield will be done in colder colors, and the other in warm colors. You will notice that the signs, storefronts, and visual style on the different sides are different.

The studio uses these design elements to create visual cues.

“Royal Route”

Maps for other modes

Rogers continues, Rogers continues, with the asymmetric King’s Circuit for Escort and Midtown for Hybrid, also contain visual cues:

We want to highlight the capture point by placing it in a prominent building such as the fire station and Central Station in Midtown. Players will immediately see where the most important parts of the map are located, and the battlefield itself tells them how to play in this mode.

Rogers elaborates that these clues will lead to capture points or other objects, including the King’s Run loops on the slope, where team interaction is required to change the balance of power:

Road loops are difficult sections: they create tension and provoke team fights. A well-functioning team will make it through this area, but you must play together.


Besides, Blizzard will add cover to familiar maps so that matches can have one less tank. There will also be a new cycle of day and night, due to which in some areas visibility improves or worsens, which changes the atmosphere of the location.

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