APK - Updated on February 18, 2023

Another representative of the three-in-a-row game genre is the Fruit Dash game. This game does not have any specific audience. She can win the sympathy of both an adult and a child. Your goal is to collect combinations of three fruits so that they explode and disappear. The combination is not limited to only three fruits, it can be longer. Depending on the size of the chain, certain points are awarded. At the same time, with each additional fruit, the price of the combination increases. Also, good points can be earned when using bonuses that come across on the playing field, for example, dynamite, a frog or a shovel can be hidden among all the fruits, but this is not the whole list of bonus items. One of the obstacles can be wooden boxes that prevent you from collecting fruits. Therefore, you still have to deal with their destruction. Also, the release of diamonds is added to your tasks. At the same time, there are a lot of levels, because the game has four worlds, each of which has its own set of tests. The transition to the next stage is possible only if the required number of stars is collected. The application is available for free. Thus, the game is ready to please you with its excellent graphics, interesting soundtrack and simple gameplay.

Fruit Dash  MOD APK (All Unlocked) (2023 December) 1.20

AogUKjh2xxx Get Codes

List of Cheat CodesExpiration date
PM2IKRCW87ZAugust 11, 2022
1RWE9MIUJ8September 6, 2022
OKVGQASU4August 16, 2022
E6W4NG2O795August 2, 2022
ED8APIMBRZ6VAugust 3, 2022
3R9FPCN2KVWSeptember 14, 2022

Download ( V1.20 )
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