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Gameplay FTL: Faster Than Light is a space strategy that offers the hero many interesting tasks. The main one is to build a durable spaceship that can travel around the universe for a long time. Using the available modules and attachments, the player must improve his vehicle to protect against a variety of space dangers. If events go well, the hero will learn a lot about the galaxy and space.

Ship catalog

A distinctive feature of the game is a rich catalog of spaceships. Before starting the adventure, the hero must choose which of the cruisers he wants to go into space. Each model of transport differs in basic characteristics, as well as in the possibilities for improvement. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the ship, the user should study its description and hints that appear as you progress.

Missions and battles

The gameplay of FTL is based on completing the various missions encountered during the course of space travel. Quests have several solutions, but not all options will be available immediately. To perform some actions, the player will need to first improve the ship or reach the required level of development. At the same time, the further development of the plot depends on the chosen option for solving the problem.

The gameplay takes place in an endless galaxy: it is randomly generated. For this reason, the hero will never be able to guess where the danger will come from. To save his crew and spaceship, the player will have to make tough decisions – for example, to engage in battle with an extraterrestrial civilization in order to win back the necessary resources. The passage is further complicated by the fact that all members of the expedition must give the right orders.


The capabilities of a spaceship can be used not only for transportation or scientific discoveries, but also for participation in battles. To defeat the enemy, the hero must install the latest weapons on his cruiser. Also, during the battle, the player should continuously assess the situation and find the target of the attack. If the enemy deals significant damage to the spaceship, it will be disabled and the campaign will start over.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, FTL: Faster Than Light cannot be installed on Android devices. As a replacement, users can download a similar app: Pixel Starships

Pixel Starships

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