News - Updated on March 27, 2022

SHE And Respawn opened a page on the official website Apex Legends, where they talk about the mobile version of the game. They confirmed the release dates – Apex Legends Mobile will be available worldwide in the summer of 2022.

In some countries, the game is already open: the so-called soft launch has begun there. A hefty bunch of content, progress systems and in-game purchases are available to users, but after May 3 there will be a reset – the accumulations will be converted into bonuses or currency.

The more people who pre-register in Apex Legends Mobile (i.e. subscribe to the release notification), the more extra trinkets all players will receive. The counter on the official website says that there are now 7,580,000 pre-registrations. Of the related bonuses, only one is currently blocked – the epic skin for Bloodhound. It will be given for 10,000,000 registrations.

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