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The application is a full-fledged gaming universe, designed as a minimalistic but interesting platformer. Here the player expects hundreds of different tests that will require intellectual effort, dexterity and resourcefulness. Gradually, the passage becomes more and more difficult, but this makes the arcade even more exciting.

Quest mode

Funcade offers three main modes: Quest Mode, Arcade Mode, and Build Mode. In the quest mode, a procedurally generated world unfolds before the player, in which the hero must sequentially move from one platform to another. Along the way, the user will earn stars: in this mode, they are used as a currency. Stars can be spent on rebuilding destroyed bridges between platforms.

A feature of the quest mode is a wide variety of worlds that differ from each other in location and complexity. If the player wants to change the situation, he can exit the menu at any time – the progress will be saved. Auto-save is also useful because it takes time to repair bridges in quest mode: until the bridge is fully restored, the player will not be able to go further.

arcade mode

The second game mode in Funcade is the arcade mode. It is made in the style of a classic platform game: the player runs around the location, collects bonuses and dodges obstacles. The levels gradually become more difficult, which adds additional interest to the passage. In addition, the user can take part in testing arcades invented by other players. After completing the level, you can share your impressions in the comments or rate it from 1 to 5.

Build Mode

Players can show their creative independence in the construction mode, which gives the user access to numerous platforming creation tools. At the same time, templates are implemented for novice developers in the game – they will help build the base of the level, further improving and developing it. If the user has previously created arcades, he can try to come up with a challenge from scratch. Finished works can be shared in the community to get an objective assessment from other visitors to the Funcade world.

Additional Benefits

A distinctive feature of the application should be considered a minimalistic design. It not only sends players back to the era of 8-bit video games, but also gives users the opportunity to play even on weak mobile devices. Pixel graphics are complemented by an intuitive interface that any player will understand, even in the absence of the Russian language.

If desired, fans of the world of Funcade can purchase the premium version of the application. In this case, ads disappear from the application, and in the quest mode, bridges are restored instantly. At the same time, the gameplay in the premium package is practically no different from a regular arcade game.

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