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Galaxy Control: 3d strategy opens up a new strategic world in front of us, in which the developers were able to use 3D graphics that fit well with this genre. Our smartphones are probably already completely packed with space shooters and strategies. However, this game is something new among the previously created. You have been given the task of being able to oppose a rebuff to enemy forces. The new location will be a new military base located in outer space. Your enemies are on the alert, so you will have to make every effort to build a space checkpoint, as well as assemble your own galactic army, endowed with everything you need. There are about fifty different combat units and defensive structures in the game, each of which is unique in its own way. It is unlikely that you will get bored with the game, because the creators took care of everything. You will have more than a hundred missions in stock, which you have to solve in the campaign mode. Each time there is an update of equipment and weapons, as well as the heroes themselves and laser guns.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
51URGIMW4XS September 2, 2022
WM6KNL8F9G July 14, 2022
6KH5FY0P2 August 25, 2022
WVKREPN2ZIT July 21, 2022
UHJ7SBZDKCMO July 21, 2022
RU2MKFB1876 July 21, 2022

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