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Galaxy Defense is a real-time strategy game that became very popular in no time after it was released. At the moment, it has already been downloaded by more than ten million users, and it will not stop there.

List of Promo Codes Expiration date
67MEC5YV19K October 9, 2022
SA5OPVMT60 August 15, 2022
FOE97X56V August 15, 2022
GBZIYS9867P September 25, 2022
WDLJ9GPYXZ6E September 9, 2022
N7G4EPKJY2C September 30, 2022

This game won its fans again with a non-standard approach to the style of Tower Defense and opening up opportunities for experimentation and trials. The linearity of passing through the levels was completely excluded from the game, since you have the opportunity to build your defense in the way and only as you please – whether you surround the base from all sides with cannons or dot block the entire route of the enemy. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the “towers”, which are designed to protect the base, are mortal in this game, and play the role of not only firepower, but also a barrage shield that literally blocks the enemy’s path, and not only arranges shelling.

Use your guns wisely and pay attention to detail, because just a couple of guns in the right place can protect your base better than three times as many, but out of place.

Unlock special support options, of which there are almost a dozen in the game, and which are also not required to save you if you do not know how to use them.

About a hundred levels are waiting for you in the company mode, which will captivate you for long game and real hours with you, which, by the way, no one has ever regretted.

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