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Galaxy in Battle is a multiplayer Space Method sport. After touring using the home for months, you will finally arrive at an undeveloped planet with the mission of turning it into a mighty galactic empire. To achieve administration of the galaxy, you may assemble your world from scratch, gather epic ships, forge alliances with different avid gamers and engage in intense, action-packed home battles.

Galaxy in War Mod APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

I purchased 9.99$ pack , my money is debited from my account but reward is not credited in game !!! Please REFUND my money!!!. Tried it again and it is still a poor game. Its a trawler now just mopping up any money daft people want to throw away. Meh. When it was just launched, I downloaded and played for a while. The function was relatively simple at that time, but it has not been updated since then. Recently, I had time to play it again. The update did a good job.. It's worth seeing, it's great, I've been playing this game since my friend recommended it to me, although I uninstalled it, but then I went to download and install it again,. This is really fun, and the gameplay is very novel, but it still has room for improvement. I prefer to play this game and hope to have that kind of immersive feeling. I hope to make persistent efforts to create a better game.. It's the first time I came into contact with such a game, it feels very fun and easy to use.

A very good online game. The intention of making this game makes me have to write a good review. When I first enter the game, I will have an immersive sense of substitution. The original voice dubbing of each round of tasks makes people feel as if they are playing the game at the same time. experience the story. It's very fun, suitable for idle time to pass the time, fun and interesting things, I like Zan Zan Zan, the picture is too beautiful and very detailed, easy to play and a sense of achievement,. Well, the more the game is updated, the better. It's one of the must-have games in mobile phones. I like it. It's very difficult. It's interesting to play. This version is good.. The game is very well done, and it is constantly being improved and updated. I am sorry for the hard work of the production team. If you want to play the game better, you must position yourself and be a casual player. It is actually a good choice.. Very good, the overall feeling is not bad. I like this game very much. If the mobile game can have richer content, it will be even better. The team who worked hard to develop it.

To tell the truth, because I am very picky about playing games, many of them are the ones that are deleted after downloading, so when I downloaded them, I didnt have much hope that this game would last a long time, but it is very interesting.. Worst. Galaxy at war online looks much better and feels better. I have been playing as guest 186628 only for me to come online today and find out I am no longer guest 186628 on the Same server and I was another transferred to another planet to start the game from beginning when I checked the planet I was using before everything was In check my alliance my rank and everything else please transfer me back to my former planet I really love this game please. No ads great game.

Very nice game. I love this game it. So assume. Nice game. Looks like it could be a cool game but there's nobody playing it. Maybe 60 people total and the top 40 are all in 1 alliance so there's nobody to attack. Maybe it was fun at one time but it's dead now. Remove this game from the play store.. Best game.

This is the. Worst game I have ever play. It good. expensive. best. Superb game cool galaxy game Its mind blowing game.

This game is very good but not that much.I have been searching for a good game but I don't seem to find any good game. Fantastic. very ugly game. Good. Nice game But time is too late hear.

Again no cloud save. I give 4 start for having no cloud save. I like this game. good geam but plus make it ysr for pc.. Nice Game. Would be better.if you include time stamp on Global Chat. That will help a lot. Thanks. Great game but graphics could be better but all in all great game experience.

. Nice. Best ever Yay. To fun . Fun game will keep your intrest..

WorldEater on S1 is using a VPN and IP scrambler to run 15 alts. He might be running scripts for alts but because he spends a lot of cash too this is overlooked by devs.. World Eater is a prick who only attacks small players. He also uses a VPN to control many alt accounts on Server S1: Nebula. His account should be banned. The devs won't ban a spending cheater though.. Dhj. a dead game. only few player left with 3 account in every server!. Superb game.

It achieves much with very little. It's mostly a base building micromanagement game, but unlike most It's not an endless click fest falsely simulating activity/achievement. Simplicity works for the game not against it imo. It's easy to pick up. Nice graphics with a retro feel. If devs introduce manual combat it will be even great (like prioritizing defences or production, or crippling enemies ship construction capabilities for a limited period of time).. Cool. Fun game! Totally recommend but quick tip, buildings can exceed HQ level and therefore upgrade power fields lots first!. Very fun game, interesting gameplay... If you get this I'll give u a hint, buildings can exceed HQ level And therefore upgrade power plants lots!. .

Hard to keep track.Off storage up grades.. The game is master. Good. The game is fine but if it had accaul fight it would jave been bater. Wonderful game.i like this game....

Love the space empire building genre excellent simplistic style and graphics. Could do with more updates and more tech units etc. GreAt. Your game look so different from othees ok. Fun. I love it just how i remember it.

So far so good. Nice app. Great game.. Awesome. Fun game.

Good. Good. Wow. Enjoying the game play. Cool can do anything like colonizing, battling with real palyers and even make an alliance with my friends, you can do whatever you want, unless nobody raids your planet of course =)..

Not what the adds look like Btw you should listen to nordic thunder. It's amazing beside the ad that I got it from they had tricked me. Great game. Very fun. So far so good.

Base builder. Not for me. very old game. the gameplay is like 10 years ago. download it and you can see for ya self, the server looks dead only a few player left.. Great game. Fun game , lots to do. Nice game.

. _ Moccamori ^-^. Its good i have meet other people And i have alot of fun.. It is just realy good. WIP Work In Progress, get back to you. Unique.

Is so cool you can talk to frends is so nice. It's a great game, can't wait for more. It sucks big! Do not install so you dont waste time, i just started and the 2nd quest just told me to exit!! Lol this game looks like starcraft. But is very slow. Not worth my time.. It's really good. Awesome Fun.

Good game. Could use more info, I've played games like this and ur game is lacking info in few spots. For starters how bout a screen that shows the next 10 levels for upgrading. That way u can see res output and power requirements.. I could list more but let's see if this atleast gets listed and added during a update. old style. Just like the old tap4fun game galaxy empire. I wish the game was portrait mode and not landscape. The new galaxy system is not as good as the last one.. Nice Game,not easy to play at first,but it gets better as you unlock more ships and defenses,a must try!oh and more offers/packs as you progress and more free dark matter attainable through missions or pvp or perks,i dont mind if ive got to spend some real money,but the game needs some more free to play and still interesting sauce lol but yeah free packs and interesting offers from 99 cents up untill 99,99 ,like a resource,speed up,or special character packs,or unlock some techs/ships etc..

Like the old galaxy empire. It reminds me of an old game I used to play called Galaxy Empire It's a game that was by tap gaming sadly they shut the game down. The game is good, its very easy to play and potential to really have lots of fun.... Maybe Kings here. Good game so far but not far enough in yet to give real feedback.

Not bad. great as far as game play but there's a server connection problem. devs don't respond to emails so unsure if I'm getting temporary bans or its just a spotty connection but it's been a daily occurrence for the last three days. You get banned without any warning, it doesn't show you in rule for Multi Accounts. And still you get banned for it.. You get Banned without warning, even though it doesn't show any Rules of Multi Accounts. Bad experience.. Waste of time. Game doesn't show you any rules on Milulti Accounts. But then then Ban you without any warning. Lots of bugs. Don't download the game..

Its good, how often do new servers open up?. Not Bad so far. Good game clone of a different game though. Just started but needs more events and better purchases. Not good app. Uninstalled just minutes after installing..

Still working it out. Only new. Good game so. Worst game ever. Dont play it...noone playing sucks... fake chat also.... i didn't really like it..

So far, it's excellent. Although you need a data connection doesn't seem to use much, and graphics are nice and controls intuitive.. It's fun but needs more work. Great time killer lol not to mention I got addicted if we could trade rss with another alliance that will be so much fun keep up d gud work Dev. Feels like yesterday I played this years ago. Community is great, easy to understand.

Banned for sharing a router on multiple devices.. Nice startegy to play. GE REBORN!! LOVE IT needs more ppl though and non spending events. Best game i love it. Good game but needs better graphics.

Awesome. So far so good . Amazing. this game is good because I love space happy face happy face. Google play keeps crashing.

Reminds me of galaxy empire. Love game. . Nice game. Some of the icons are kinda clingy to click and some of the system sounds but is alright, like everyone said a nostalgia of galaxy empire, which is a great game, thanks..

addictive. So far it's just like the old GE. Nostalgia. I like..... Fun..

good. i think its a good game but it doesnt work on my device... hope you fix that issue.... Great strategy game, hope it gets developed further.. Muito bom recomendo. So far, so good, developers are fairly quick to resolve problems.

So far its a good game but that how 90% of these kind of games start out, Update maybe coming late ?.

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