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Invasion of the Galaxy: Space Shooter is a fantastic and exciting adventure in a distant galaxy. Become a spaceship pilot and move closer to the target, destroying as many enemies as possible.

Galaxy Invasion: Space Shooter
 Coupon Codes (2022 December) 2.9.24
All Codes Expiration date
E2T6Y7C5XI8 November 27, 2022
RG83LQJXAF January 7, 2023
VWCRHUEN7 November 27, 2022
6YWJC1XVENK November 27, 2022
NZ18RVTOYPSG January 16, 2023
WIXN5UKHGPY January 9, 2023
C6Y5ZD1VFLK December 6, 2022
OFJ93HCWK0 December 31, 2022
NUP5D8T6B November 30, 2022
BKYOE7U495W December 16, 2022
2RVQ8PZ31DO9 December 8, 2022
GKRH9EXJLUI December 10, 2022

In the times of the future, mankind has advanced very far and began to use spaceships that surf space every day. Manage your fleet and destroy more than a hundred enemy fighters. Carry out the most powerful attacks and explore new planets. Everywhere people are fighting for survival and you, as the most experienced pilot, have a serious mission. A lot of different enemies, divided into categories and each with unique external data. In Invasion of the Galaxy: Space Shooter, you must complete the campaign mode with a sharp storyline. Equip your fleet with super powerful weapons and take care of armor. The galaxy must always be under the protection of the user. Game features

  • Many different enemy fighters;
  • Special scene mode;
  • Tons of updates and improvements for the spaceship;
  • Convenient two-finger control on the screen;
  • Gorgeous special visual effects.

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