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Immerse yourself in fantastic space adventures where you can achieve amazing rewards and achievements. Try downloading Galaxy Legend for Android and you can get a real chance to become a legend in the galaxy. Build your own massive base in space. Constantly develop it so that it becomes the largest and all steel participants in the universe would be afraid to encroach on it. Start piece by piece assembling your own fleet, then use it to fight with a large number of planets and destroy players in the multiplayer mode. You can even create an alliance with your friends and then fight clans.

Galaxy Legend
 Codes (2023 January) 2.1.9
All Codes Expiration date
6KAC5IEMQO4 January 29, 2023
647A92E3OY January 20, 2023
2AH0L7GF4 February 9, 2023
8C3XDKBNI5Y February 7, 2023
P2B3O87KXQYD January 23, 2023
Y1WFGI9LMUS January 21, 2023
FGZNUA8X1C4 January 19, 2023
XI6EK0L157 February 9, 2023
CI9W6AH2R February 18, 2023
OR7UFS4M01A January 16, 2023
6KSZWOLYQP0G February 11, 2023
3OHIMSJCLG6 January 26, 2023

The game has a large number of features, so when you can download Galaxy Legend for Android, you can enjoy these:

  • A powerful strategy with role-playing elements, thanks to which it will be possible to capture the entire galaxy;
  • Perfect fantastic 3D image graphics;
  • Very easy navigation and high-quality gameplay of this amazing game;
  • A huge number of legendary items and more than a hundred spaceships;
  • Multiplayer global game mode and arena battles with your friends.

Legendary adventures in space The gameplay takes place in the distant future, after a few hundred years and humanity has already climbed into outer space. Here, humanity can already operate on a large scale and continue to develop further in search of new resources. You will need to create your incredible space fleet and then go on to fight further. Destroy an infinite number of space pirates and their ships. Expand your territories and continue your adventures. The player will be able to add up his own story, during which a huge number of story companies and unrealistically cool missions.

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