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Do you know when I got really scared yesterday? When the game started to bug in the prologue!

Do not think of your partner to bathe in the pond, because he is among those lucky ones who swim only on the spot.

And if you think that this is all for this episode, then I will disappoint you, this is just the beginning of a conversation about this one bug. Because how should it be to give a shit about the user, so as not to lick the beginning of the game? Or am I the only one so lucky? Yes, only my friend on the fifth curling iron has the same garbage, though the corpse of the robot bugged. Also a coincidence? Okay, let’s take a look at user reviews. How much do you need, please tell me just so that I do not bring more than I need?

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

I just can’t get it in my head. I understand, a huge world, a sea of ​​​​activities, more details, more animations, life boils, the hair on Aloy’s head lives its own life – BUT WHAT RELATIONSHIP (except for the protagonist’s red dreadlocks) DOES THIS HAVE TO THE PROLOGUE OF THE GAME, THE LEVEL OF WHICH EXISTS SEPARATELY FROM THIS YOUR A FUCKED WORLD? This is a bitch of a lock-postcard, everything should shine there, like Faberge eggs at an exhibition in New York, so that later, having received a dose of positive emotions at the beginning, the player can make his way through the rest of the thorns to hell … ahem … To the finale!

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

More or less funny moment for the entire time of passage while one.

And yes, let’s pretend we don’t know who compared Horizon to Mass Effect 2, and just remember what the beginning of Shepard’s adventures in the second part was like:

Normandy is under fire from unknown people, Shepard is trying to save and evacuate as many crew members as possible inside it, and after the success of this enterprise, he also dies along with his ship under enemy fire, without staining his rank of captain by fleeing from the bridge, bitch! And it all happens in the first minutes of the game!

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Do you know what happens during the 2-hour prologue in Horizon: Forbidden West? Aloy rusty shuttle destroys three huge snakes and rides towards new adventures, leaving a dark-skinned boy with a thick black beard, like a black man!

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Don’t look at Aloy, look at the shuttle for now.

And just how is it possible, knowing this one difference, to say in all seriousness that this is Mass Effect 2, when up to ten minutes of the prologue of that game, the “Forbidden West” is seven miles away by shit?! What do you say, suicide mission, base and gathering partners? But how to get to this without leaving the fucking game on the road?


We exhale.

All in all.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Remember this fortress for now.

I have played more than seven hours in the new Horizon Forbidden Westand today I will talk about the first day of my acquaintance with the direct continuation of the adventures of the modified Aloy, I will note the problem areas that I stumbled upon and answer my own question whether it is worth continuing to go through it, well, and you will express your opinion on this matter (if you want , certainly).

You read Game Diaries and the first issue of a big open world game, which usually take me more than a month to play through thoughtfully, but writing such diaries often shortens the time to complete.

Part one: The mold strikes back.

And, before starting a story about adventures in the forbidden West, it is worth making a reservation right away.

I am not a Sony hater, I respect each of their projects, I bought myself a PS5 a week ago from a repurchase and, on the whole, did not think that I would sit down for such a text in principle. And if the pluses outweighed the minuses, I would hardly have sat down for him in general, but the problem is that the pluses that seem at first glance are not so pluses, and you don’t really need to look for minuses.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Here, let’s say: the picture became clearer, they just added an ocean of small details, the leaves fly around along with the butterflies, the fish swim in the water between the algae. And everything seems to look great, but the color scheme and warm tones make me associate with some kind of dollhouse, where I manage an incomprehensibly what society of an approved barbie for children of the new generation.

Once again, the post is reminiscent of a dollhouse, and if there is an analogue of a barbie house in the world with an acre of land around it, it will be very similar to the world of Horizon, at least the part that I saw. Yes, you get used to the color scheme over time, but the feeling that you were sold something far from the continuation of the first part largely because of this did not leave me.

Another plus: added animations and characters to NPCs! Cool, now everyone who has even a miserable task for you talks non-stop about his life, work, religion and other crazy stories. Only I didn’t give a shit about their squabbles, as it was from the first part, but nothing has changed. In general, I came to Horizon to read notes, for that matter, but the holograms from the forerunners left to look, and your little world, after shitty happiness, only robosaurs save.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

A very well-written Chinese miner, just very well-written.

Dialogues don’t help. And the dialogue wheel – my respect! You can either say “yes” or ask the Persian about general topics and again say “yes” to him. Variability in the level of Mass Effect 2 or The Witcher 3, not otherwise!

Guys, ay, I’m playing as a red-haired girl who is clearly not spared by time, I may not want to save the world, I want to hang out in the palace with the king of the sun and watch from the window, eating grapes, how mold covers my statue in the yard! Where’s my bitch choice to stay with this gallant man with a personal barber whose manners will make the UK’s most gallant gentleman shit?

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Who else will erect a monument to you during your lifetime, fool?

And yes, without leaving the cash register – a quest with a frying pan – shit. In The Witcher 3, he was remembered only because it is a parody of a standard RPG side story, right there it is a meta-irony that I didn’t redeem from the word at all, and the only purpose of which is for Aloy to eat!

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Gvint, by the way, in the same steppe. The tabletop may be interesting, but the training … I survived only two lessons, with a break between them, to go for a frying pan to the future Tyler Durden (and he was in a pot of soup, I remind you, pissed), and somehow I didn’t like this monotony.

Well, the gameplay. The same gameplay of shooting with different types of bows, but now with a grappling hook and five skill trees, with ults in each, which are unlocked by leveling the skills around them.

I haven’t seen any of this yet…

Needless to say, I have not opened a single ult yet, because most of the time I listened to the political situation of the tribes and the problems of a small mining town, with local showdowns at the local level, a rhetorical question. But in general, I won’t say anything about the combat, all the “new” blows with a spear are not felt new, the cat’s hook is with them, although maneuverability, of course, increases in a battle with robots. The only thing they could give at least was fiery arrows, instead of poisonous ones, and exploding tanks for ruminants, because what kind of activities the open world is filled with …



Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

We remember the fortress.

I must say right away that the open world finished me off. So that you understand the full extent of my indignation, it was after his study that I turned off the game, sitting down at this text, because it takes a bitch to be a genius to place two stone flowers on a small patch, which there is no tool to open, an underwater cave that cannot be explored without scuba gear, and a fortress on a rock, which takes several minutes to climb, but before entering which you kiss the inscription – “Come back with the right tool”, and, as in the song Kish, run down this mountain and commit suicide!

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Or you will climb another mountain for the “lens”.

And did you notice? For every “yes” in the “pros” column, there is a minus, somewhere subjective, somewhere very significant, and we didn’t even touch on the main muddy with red mold that strikes back, about which nothing but “expected ‘ is still impossible to say.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

But the views are sometimes very juicy.

Well, my personal pain is Aloy. What they did to my girlfriend, I can’t describe in words. She has never been a sex symbol, and even if you set out to find all the porn materials with her, there will not be so many of them, unlike the same Lara Croft, or women from CDPR games. But at the same time, spending time in her company was damn nice, helping to sort out those problems that fell on her fragile shoulders, and along the way taking pictures in the picturesque places of a beautiful, but not sugary world.

And yes, the character, as it was characteristically cool, remained so, but the fact that she added a kilo nullifies all the desire to photograph her against picturesque backgrounds. I admit that copper pipes and a comfortable life in Meridian, where a monument has already been erected to you for your merits, leads to some side effects, and a hungry life in the status of an outcast in childhood could leave its reasons for the desire to devour tasty fill, but what to her the appearance takes some getting used to personally for me – a fact, although, of course, this is the least of the problems.

Plus, I was thinking, Aloy is such a typical old friend from a turbulent youth who always appears in your life suddenly. And she is so lonely, ugly and with a bunch of problems and her own pens, but at the same time a very good person, whom you can’t help and support if necessary.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

If only I could find the right angle so that it somehow turns out in the pictures …

Part two. Reasons to continue.

And so I finish the last sentence, which I had enough anger for, look around the resulting text and, in all seriousness, I go to watch Logvinov’s enthusiastic review in order to make sure where I’m wrong and … Suddenly, in his hour-long review there is a whole section about that it is difficult to start playing, that the game is frustrating, that it does not look like a leap and a breakthrough! About rock climbing, about bugs and poor technical condition, which you have to put up with, but the gameplay is worth it and, suddenly, there is almost no word about Mass Effect, but it is told in great detail about all the aspects that make it necessary to continue the game.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

Will there be flights on an iron ptyrodactyl? OK…

And even if the aspects that are of personal interest to me are rather gameplay, in general, all of a sudden, I’m even ready to believe him, because the footage should not lie. Yes, and the stories of the past are clearly not all told, and John Gonzalez, the previous screenwriter of the first part, should have something to surprise me with, in addition to the strife of the warring tribes and the main plot, with the search for the main terraforming system connected.

At least, I really want to believe that it will be more interesting and exciting, but I will, of course, prepare for the worst.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

But Tosha for the review still like it with a pencil this time.

And as for other journalists who did not pay due attention to the problems of the game at the initial stages … The fact that Logvinov’s review turned out to be better than the review of his colleagues is not Antosha’s merit, but rather the indifferent attitude of other gamers to their work. And I don’t know about others, but I really don’t like it when they don’t tell me something, because when you get to know the product directly, the nasty feeling that you’ve been screwed somewhere does not leave the whole time of the game and multiplies unmentioned problems . What does it have to do with the problems at the beginning that you have to put up with and the unwillingness to put up with which may not reveal the big picture that some have so diligently squeezed into their reviews.

Game diaries.  Horizon Forbidden West.  The first day

To talk about the game worse than Logvinov is to be completely fucked up from his CSV-shnost, boys. Why the hell do I need you if you were his alternative?

This is the first day in Forbidden Lands. Not a day, but continuous stress and the experience so far is very disappointing.

Write about your own, I hope that it was better for you, well, but I will try to get used to the minuses and still discover the pluses, through the thorns of grinding and completing local story missions.

Well, it might be possible to fly, although it’s more likely on a glider, and not on a ptyrodactyl. Before him … far away, hike.

Soundtrack imbued with faith in the best outcome of the adventure.:

When I decided to get inspired myself, since for my huge prologue, the screenwriter failed to inspire the passage)

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