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After a while of researching and discovering the top games in the market. Game of Empires: Warring Realms is the game we picked out first on the list. Aiming to include in the collection of the best games in 2022. Right from the first time witnessing the achievements that the application has achieved. Facing our eyes is a series of positive reviews from gamers. This proof shows that we are on the right track when it comes to recommending you. Surely this will be verified while you experience it firsthand.

Game of Empires: Warring Realms

Big map

The large and rich map will be the medicine to stimulate the conquest of the kings. There’s no limit to discovery so you can go on and on. Expand the territory by sending troops to scout continuously. Unexplored lands will appear black on the map. These are the places that no one has successfully unlocked.


Build a series of zones in different fields. Build houses to help people’s lives stabilize. Along with that is that you have to open training camps for the army. To increase defense and attack power. When you are healthy enough and growing, you are on the trend of the most prosperous. Then open up your own expansion plan.

On-site resources

Where you are placed on the map will have different resources. You can mine continuously once you have discovered them successfully. Wood will be made from thousands of silver trees. Food is born from the ground and its nutrients also come from here. Everything is given by nature, so make good use of it.

Write on the record with your own pen. The passing footsteps of horses are the best proof of your existence.

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