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Game of Khans is an epic RPG that puts you in the shoes of the great khan of the green steppe. Discover the culture of the ancient nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Immerse yourself in historical fantasy and create your own huge empire, leaving a legacy that can be remembered for millennia. Tame swift horses, call advisers, solve important administrative and military issues, marry the most beautiful girls of the steppe and lead your dynasty to prosperity.

Game of Khans – Great Khan
 Codes Wiki (2022 December)
All Codes Expiration date
VUJIB51FMW0 October 10, 2022
0YC2MH76SZ November 20, 2022
8D2X5LR6B November 27, 2022
ZRMU19CY2SK October 28, 2022
FGJL2DQ7HPO6 November 19, 2022
SDOX8U5N1JA November 14, 2022
HAKZ231UMIX October 14, 2022
CZK25WGNLH November 6, 2022
EBZ9FM6YV October 27, 2022
SZ1DWG04QRB December 3, 2022
OAV2D6RBT7E9 October 14, 2022
WNFZP78R1AG November 17, 2022

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