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Game Of Physics Mod APK 1.0.2

The Game control is very very and extremely poor.. also the graphics is also very poor..but concept is good and interesting. The game intro scene is also very lengthy. While fighting with sword the game controll is extremely poor.. I am going to download this game who is come with me bolo salo. Game is Educational and gives very good experience but it is too short.. Good game but there so many bugs there I have you 4 star. Really helpful to those who in the likes of myself. The game is fantastic and interesting. But a lot of things need to be done like improving the graphics and sensitivity of controls etc. Otherwise it's a nice game..

Good game no lag but a very small game i have completed all levels in just 30 minutes and game ended. You launch a big game keeping this thing in mind. There are very few missions in this game.. Hi Everybody. I played in this game . And l won't to say that this game very interesting .I'm waiting the continue good luck. Cannot figure out how the interface works. Cannot get started. Is there some help somewhere? And I have a bachelor's in physics I will check back later. Looks like it is might have some good ideas.. This game is so underrated. What a game!!!. This is the only game that will teach you physics and fight with your opponents at the same time......

Doesnt work on my device redmi 3s. The game is great Idk how to solve does math question though lmao. This app is quite great and as i love physics , it is a very beneficial app for me and i would love if you guys add other topics along with projectile motion.I am not reviewing it as a game but as a very informative and interesting app.Thank you for your concideration.. Good game for knowledge i can love the physics therefore i get it 2 starand not three beacuse its low graphics. Bhai game toh acha hai par lamba hona chahiye Kafi chota hai.

This game is vary bad thi not working in my mobile and my brother mobile. It does not work on my device only the intro then bloop it crashes please fix it. Nice experience, you will calculate rapidly ir you die, i need more levels pls aaaaaas. not satisfied because of lack of physics. could you make a gcse mode please?. the game is good but it's not for me but this game definitely deserve 5 star.

This game is offline or not????!. It's a nice game it gives you entertained and knowledge too. Lovely concept. I have always been passionate about playful learning and this is how it should be. Hope it improves in future but 10 on 10 for making an educational game.. Love the idea, however after the first question and continueing on, while calculating the second question you are still getting shot, then when you want to answer, it just doesnt let me, there is no pop up to provide the answer.. Game is good but it's have to improve the levels..

Bad controls and Lagging. Concept and environment is awesome. This game is So good but it should have more levels or chapters to fight. You increas the no. of levels , By the way game is legit so good . Randomly fell through the world a few times, shot a whole quiver of arrows into a man's eye while he stared at me unwavering, and got told my answers to equations were wrong after simply plugging in two numbers into a calculator. All while spasticaly flailing around dudes trying to poke me. Game could use some work.. game is very good but improve graphics and laggy but i support to your team and i wish that the developers of game improve gaming experience and some bugs thanks . Nice game with physics. My physics is weak so I left it. But you can enjoy if your physics is good..

Best ever game + it gives a good knowledge about physics and it's formulas hats off to developers. The graphics and controls everything is very impressive. I suggest everyone should try this game.. So maney glitch. Arrows is attack wrong direction. Not hit enemy. And soo more. Good work guys nice game.... But you should keep the age 13+ atleast because children less than that age won't be able to solve those formulas so quickly. Awesome game it is a mix of studying and enjoying I love this game so much I highly recommend this game. Great game ...Kudos to the makers.

Good game good visual graphic laggy controller make it where you touch in movement area to move and other suggestion is you must given an option to skip physics problem but game is good when u get potion you get physics formula so its is good but give an option to skip physics problems And repair movements area its laggy until you touch controller and it dosent supprot moving while crouch and dosent support multitouch.. It's verry good game I love it. Concept ia good but improvement needed and if you can add gyro than its also good for players,or allow us to change controls so it is for comfortable to play.. I like the game i would give it a 5 star but it needs better graphics and better sword combat the archery in this game is good and i love the game I'll give it a 5 star if you improve sword combat i love the game!. I don't know why it is not opening I mean the unity logo is showing and then screen is black.

Very good game according to its size. Nice game for the students ,who learn the projectile motion..... Why is game showing not Compitable on some devices. Tushar is the music and game industry best game ever made.

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