Codes New - Updated on July 10, 2022

In the game Survivors Pixel Game you have to try to survive in the world in which you find yourself in this game. And this world is post-apocalyptic. Throughout the game, your task will not change. It is about learning the important aspects of being and surviving in a world where there are no rules or boundaries. You have to do everything to satisfy your usual biological needs. Engage in the extraction of food and water, and do not forget that you are not alone in this world, so you will need a weapon with which you will defend yourself from advancing enemies who will kill you at every turn. Therefore, it is worth being fully armed so as not to die from enemy hands. You are not limited by anything. You have the right to choose who you want to test yourself as, a hunter or a victim, and you will also need to build yourself a home. The developers have worked hard on the game, because the game has many different locations, the times of the day change, and the hero faces many different dangers and obstacles. So choose your own path, and you should not trust anyone, as enemies can be found everywhere.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
ZOY0SV31JRP August 10, 2022
5EBRA2O48W August 9, 2022
M7LO2NPBA August 24, 2022
LOM4X0B7PGA August 10, 2022
R5C8XKJDBHLE August 23, 2022
XGZ539LUPRE August 18, 2022

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