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November 30, 2016


The boom of computer clubs in the Russian Federation occurred at the end of the 90s – the beginning of the 2000s, then the country was flooded with affordable high-speed Internet, and eSports fans did not have time and desire for gatherings with friends in cramped basements, choking on not the newest hardware. left. The club format itself, however, has not died out – now capital entrepreneurs are trying to revive it with the support of Riot Games. In this article, we will talk about Gamer Stadium and the shortest path to the world of eSports.

We remembered Gamer Stadium for a reason – it was there that the Moscow finals of the Cup of Nations in League of Legends were held, which pushed amateurs who had to take a step or two to professional sports, and the qualifying matches of Group A LCL Open Cup (the first “open cup” of the Continental League in LoL).

The Russian stage of the LoL Cup of Nations was won by the AllMighty team.

Gamer Stadium is located in the Aviapark shopping center (Khodynsky Boulevard, 4). The 1,250 square meter space is given over to a large gaming area with powerful PCs (plus LG widescreen monitors and SteelSeries peripherals), VIP rooms with soundproofing and 144 Hz displays, a 5 x 5 tournament stage with the ability to broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, a room for streamers and a lounge where you can drink lemonade and watch live matches. And there is also a promo zone (where partners will present their products) and a store with eSports paraphernalia and gaming accessories. If you’re interested in PS4, Xbox One, or VR glasses, check it out too. The common hall is designed for 70 seats, a couple of VIPs – for ten each.

Gamer Stadium from the inside. Inspires, right?

Naturally, all this is not a cheap pleasure. The cost of an hour of play starts from 250 rubles. Businessman Andrey Komogorov, who invented Gamer Stadium, expects to recoup 30 million rubles, which he personally invested in the project, soon. “What is he thinking about anyway?” – you will probably be surprised. And here’s what.

Komogorov was amazed by the finals of the LCL summer split, which brought together thousands of spectators at the VTB Ice Palace. Living and convincing evidence that esports can be of interest to the masses. A little earlier, in June, our officials recognized computer battles as an official sport. Plus, the crisis has not yet finished – there is a lot of free space in the capital’s shopping centers, which Komogorov took advantage of. He also explained to the owners of the shopping center how to lure the male teenage audience to him.

Come in, even if you just want to lie around.

The company HyperPC has joined the idea of ​​Komogorov. Its employees rarely sit idle – a month you need to manually build a hundred gaming stations worth up to a million rubles. HyperPC, of ​​course, is not the only such company in the capital. And there is a steady demand for expensive keyboards, chairs and monitors. It’s a sin not to use it, isn’t it? For example, in the format of a modern computer club, packed full of advanced equipment.

Finally, Komogorov takes into account the psychology of the gamer. After all, it is much more convenient in a club than at home, both in terms of the game and in terms of live communication. Unlike its predecessors from the 90s, there is even security here. And they don’t sell alcohol.

Esports without cosplay? No, that doesn’t happen.

Before the end of the year, two more clubs of the Gamer Stadium chain are to open in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then the franchise will descend on Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Sochi and other major cities.

Now, under the auspices of Gamer Stadium, online tournaments are being held (or planned) in LoL (primarily), Dota 2, Overwatch, FIFA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The site also accepts LAN-showdowns from the category of the Cup of Countries in LoL or LCL Open Cup. The club may well become a cosmodrome for the exit of yesterday’s fans to the world level. What is hard to believe? We, on the contrary, do not.

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