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Gang Beasts appeared in Steam Early Access three and a half years ago, and even then let’s players and ordinary players saw the potential in it. The simplest fighting game, which does not require memorizing combinations and learning tricks, was great for having fun with friends, and it turned out to be funny to watch the fights of gelatin men from the side. This was largely due to the bright style and great animation of the fighters – it is simply impossible to watch what is happening without laughing.Gang Beasts game review

One wrong move and you can fall down.

battle royale

The game left Early Access only this month, but after the hours spent in it, it’s hard to understand what exactly the developers have been doing for three and a half years. The gameplay has not changed in any way, there are no new features, except that a couple of maps and modes have been added. The feeling that this is still an early version does not leave for a minute, as many elements here either do not work at all or are made too carelessly even for an independent studio.

The essence of the game is simple: several people fall into a small location and must defeat each other, throwing opponents out of the map or into some dangerous zones. In local matches, a maximum of four users take part, and in online matches their number can reach eight. There is no difference between the characters – you can change their appearance in the menu, but it does not affect any characteristics of the little men. But hats and suits give each of them individuality, although I would like more diverse things in the wardrobe.

At first, you will have to fight not so much for the sake of victory as to understand the management. Some of the actions are carried out by ordinary pressing, some – by holding the buttons. The opponent can be hit with the head and hands, and then, when he loses consciousness for a couple of seconds, grab the lifeless body and take it to the right place or throw it away. It also happens that in an attempt to eliminate the enemy you fall off the map yourself, but this does not cause irritation.

The simple formula works through a variety of cards, each of which offers unique ways to massacre the little men. Then the group gets on moving trucks, on the roofs of which it is dangerous to stand because of traffic signs. Then the characters find themselves on a flying airship and almost slide off it, because of which the danger of dying increases. One of the funniest locations is the subway, where you have to push each other under a passing train.

Each match quickly turns into chaos: everyone hits each other on the head, jumps, faints, someone drags someone to the side. A man falling off a cliff suddenly wakes up and grabs the wall with his hands, trying to climb up, and then approaches his offender and knocks him out in revenge. Some maps have destructible objects like fences, boards, and windows, which add more options in combat, but at the same time make the duel more dangerous.

Gang Beasts game review

Maps in PvE and PvP modes are the same.

old problems

Unfortunately, all this more or less works well only in local multiplayer. Gang Beasts online servers are not functioning properly even a week after release. Whichever mode you run, you will constantly encounter input lag, which makes it almost impossible to play normally. When a character jumps a second and a half after pressing the corresponding button, it becomes difficult to enjoy matches. The same thing happens with strikes, and the game generally refuses to respond to some clicks.

This is true for all modes, which are catastrophically few in the game. There is a normal deathmatch and a team version of it – in them you will probably spend the most time. I never managed to play football, because every time I started it, my opponent and I stood motionless in place. But chasing the ball and scoring goals is still not as exciting as just beating each other up and throwing them off a cliff.

Fans of PvE can launch a cooperative mode in which a team of four fights against waves of AI-controlled opponents. Enemies turn out to be quite smart and die far from being as easy as one might think. The only problem is that the deceased participant remains dead until the end of the match, which makes it almost impossible to try to win waves with a group of “randoms” – if someone immediately leaves the game, you can no longer try.

This is where the content ends – everything that was available in the game three years ago has remained in its place. But practically nothing new has appeared in Gang Beasts. The nightmarish interface, as if made hastily, has not gone anywhere. And the point is not so much in primitive fonts and lack of training, but in its buggy. Deathmatch consists of several stages, between which a leaderboard is shown. And sometimes she doesn’t appear at all, and if you see her, it’s just the faces of little men arranged in a column with poorly drawn asterisks, meaning victories.

Bugs also occur during the battle – sometimes the camera can move to the side, which makes it impossible to find your fighter on the screen. This is especially annoying when you get kicked off the server without warning after just ten seconds, explaining this as a lack of activity. I had a similar situation on the map with trucks – having dealt with all the opponents on my side, I just watched the fight of the two remaining players on the other car. Who knew that they would be punished for this?

Gang Beasts game review

Those who fall outside the ring will not be able to return.


Gang Beasts has always seemed like a great party game, and in a way, it really is. But such a project was three years ago, and by and large, even then it could have left Early Access. Why the release of the final version and the appearance of the game on PS4 had to wait for so many years is completely incomprehensible: the shortcomings were not eliminated, there is no new content, the servers still work somehow. But even though the animation is funny, it’s hardly worth spending money for it.

Pros: hilarious animation; various cards.

Cons: barely working servers; input lag in multiplayer; primitive interface; there are too few modes, and half of the available ones are of no value; bugs.

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